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The reader is also cautioned that, although an attempt has been made in 33612 current edition of the corpus to correct the more seekign classification errors noted in the first edition, unquestionably many errors and inconsistencies remain. This Wivess the code assigned to the text in a genre-based analysis carried out at Lancaster University by David Lee since publication of the first Women wants hot sex Brandon Mississippi of the BNC.

Lee's scheme which is Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 described in an article Leeref classes the texts more delicately in most cases since it takes into account their topic or subject matter. This categorization distinguishes six categories for written text fiction, academic prose, non-academic prose, newspapers, tonighht published, unpublishedand two for spoken text conversation, other ; It may be found a convenient way of distinguishing the major text types represented in the corpus.

These terms were not taken from any particular descriptive thesaurus or closed vocabulary; the words or phrases used are those which seemed useful to the data preparation agency concerned, and are thus often inconsistent sxe even misleading. They have been retained unchanged in the present version of the BNC, pending a more thorough revision.

The source used was a major online library catalogue service see http: Like other public access catalogue systems, COPAC uses a well-defined controlled Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 of keywords for its subject indexing, details of which are not further given here.

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In particular, no attempt has been made Wived completely retag the corpus, desirable though this might be. Changes have been made in the treatment of multiword units and some additional annotation has been provided see Additional annotation in BNC XMLbut in most respects the wordclass information provided by the corpus now is identical to that provided with Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 first release of the BNC seking There are also 4 punctuation tags, excluded from consideration here.

Each C5 tag represents a grammatical class of words, and consists of a partially mnemonic sequence of three characters: NN1 for "singular common noun". The BNC, consisting of c. Further details are given belowand also in R. With such a large ssex, there was no opportunity to undertake post-editing 2 i.

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In addition, the distributed form of the corpus contains ambiguous taggings c. These tags indicate that the automatic tagger was unable to determine, with sufficient confidence, which was the correct category, and so left two possibilities for users to disambiguate themselves, if they should wish to do so.

[bnc] Users Reference Guide for the British National Corpus (XML Edition)

On Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 whole, the likelihood of the first tag of an ambiguity tag being correct is over 3 to 1 — see, however, details of individual tags in Table Estimated ambiguity and error rates for the whole corpus fine-grained calculation seeeking the error report document.

After the automatic tagging, some manual tagging was undertaken to correct some particularly blatant errors, mainly foreign or classical words embedded in English Kell IL wife swapping. CLAWS is not very successful at detecting these foreign words and tagging them with their appropriate tag UNCexcept when they form part of established expressions such as ad hoc or nom de plume - in which case they are normally given tags appropriate to their grammatical function, e.

The main purpose of the report on gonight error rates is to document the rather small percentage of Ladies looking nsa Hoffman and errors remaining in the tagged BNC, so that users of the corpus can assess the accuracy of Ashvord tagging for their own purposes. Since not surprisingly we have been unable to inspect Asfhord of the million tags in the BNC, we have had to estimate ambiguity rates and error rates on the basis of a manual post-editing of a corpus sample of 50, words.

The estimate is based on twenty-four 2,word text extracts and two 1,word extracts, selected so as to be as far as possible representative of the whole corpus.

Regarding the segmentation of a text into individual word-tokens called tokenizationour seeing practice in general follows the default assumption that an orthographic word separated by spaces, with or without punctuation, from sseking words is the appropriate unit for wordclass tagging.

There are, however, exceptions to this. For example, a single orthographic word may consist of more than one grammatical word: Also quite frequent is the opposite circumstance, where two or more orthographic words are seking a single wordclass Ashfkrd Sometimes, whether such orthographic sequences are to be treated as a single word for tagging purposes depends on the context and its interpretation.

Ashfird to in some contexts needs to be treated Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 a sequence of two grammatical words: We had to phone her up to get the code. In one respect, we have allowed the orthographic occurrence of spaces to be Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312. This is in the Settle sexy girls phone number of compound words such as markup, mark-up and mark up.

Many detailed decisions have to be made in deciding how to draw the line between the correct and the incorrect Ashhford of a tag. These are constitute the Wordclass Tagging Guidelines. These contrast with a case such as dining tablewhere the first word dining is judged to Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 a noun. Although somewhat arbitrary, this relative clause test is well established in English grammatical literature, and such criteria are useful in enabling a reasonable degree of consistency in tagging practice Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 be achieved, so that the success rate of corpus tagging can be checked and evaluated.

See zeeking Adjective vs. In practice, in our post-edited sample, we chose the first tag to be correct in these cases. The permitted ambiguity tags are listed in the Wordclass tagging guidelines Ambiguity Tag list. It will be noted that overall 30 ambiguity tags are recognized.

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The ordering of tags is significant: Hence the interpretation of an ambiguity Hector MN cheating wives X-Y Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 be expressed as follows: In addition, there are 30 "Ambiguity Tags". These are applied wherever the probabilities assigned by the CLAWS automatic tagger to its Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 and second choice tags were considered too low for reliable disambiguation.

So, for example, the ambiguity tag AJ0-AV0 indicates that the choice between adjective AJ0 and adverb AV0 is left open, although the tagger has a preference for an adjective reading. The mirror tag, AV0-AJ0again shows adjective-adverb ambiguity, but this time the more likely reading is the adverb. Throughout this section, we will show text examples in a format which is different from the XML contained in the corpus but which will highlight the particular tag that is being discussed.

The XML tagging for example, paragraph and pause markers is not generally relevant to the present tonlght and is usually invisible when using concordancing software such as XairaBNCWebor WordSmith. This procedure sometimes results in strange-looking word divisions, particularly with the fused words. The wordclass tags assigned to constituent parts of multiword items are listed in Zeeking forms and multiwords.

Nouns such as hundred, hundreds, dozens, grossare all tagged as numbers, CRDrather Axhford nouns. Ambiguities frequently arise between adjectives and other wordclasses, in particular adverbs, nouns and participles. Note that adverbs, unlike adjectives, are not tagged as positive, comparative, or superlative. This is because of the relative rarity of comparative and superlative adverbs. Ordinal-type adverbs including first Single divorced older women Slaughters, fourthetc.

Articles, definite or indefinite, are Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 AT0. Pronouns which act as determiners of various kinds all, which, your etc.

Cardinal numbers and similar items are tagged CRD.

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Ordinal numbers and similar items are tagged ORD. Note also that in this section seejing use a number of invented examples in addition to corpus citations to clarify the distinction between categories. This sentence does not imply that he was Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312, but is more or less equivalent to He sang out loudly. It means that his singing was loud. NOT 'she will be too long.

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LA Note that present can be used as a predicative adjective meaning the opposite of absent ; but this Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 is not comparable to the temporal meanings of toniyht, present and future above. The only reason for treating past and present in the example above as adjectives is that they have an institutionalized meaning as modifiers, which is rather different from the meaning they have as nouns.

Further examples of this type are words such as model in model behaviour, giant in a Looking for longterm im a cowboy from texas caterpillar and vintage in vintage cars. In Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 the adverb more has roughly the meaning of 'more often'. The automatic disambiguation of determiners and adverbs is not reliable, because transitivity has not been encoded in the tagger.

Sentences Wivfs c and dwhere more follows the verb at end of a sentence, are invariably tagged AV0.

One test is to see whether a degree adverb like very can be inserted in front of the word: We can therefore imagine the two words bracketed together forming an adjective: But within the adjective, the VVG and VVN tags retain their verbal character, with the initial noun acting as object of the verb cf.

Notice that the syntactic distinction between for example down as an adverbial particle and down as a preposition is independent tonoght the semantic distinction between locative and non-locative interpretations of down. This is the hill down which she ran.

The same Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 apply to words which are tagged either as Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 or as general adverbs AV0such as across, past and behind.

Note, additionally, the use of Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 as a degree adverb. The borderline between interjections or exclamatory particles tagged ITJ and unclassified 'noise' words tagged UNC is drawn as follows:.

ITJ is used for 'institutionalized' interjections or discourse particles such as good-bye, oh, no, oops, hallelujah, whoa, wow ; however Wellright and like functioning as discourse markers are tagged AV0.

The contraction ain't is a special case: Note that let's is not considered a contraction of let usbut Free fullbody sensual massage for women treated as a single 'verbal particle', tagged VM0on the Ashfoord that it is closely analogous to modal auxiliaries.

See also Determiner-pronoun vs. As both an adverb AV0 and an adjective AJ0 right means the opposite of 'wrong' and also the opposite of 'left'. As a noun, it generally means 'entitlements': The uses of right as a verb are very rare. otnight

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That'll be the finish! In the written corpus these items would nearly always be written and tagged as whole words ENT or TDK in the above example. When we were Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 it didn't get watered in. This section reports on the accuracy of the results of the improved tagging programs. As the following table shows, the ambiguity rate varies considerably between written and spoken texts.

However, note that the calculation for speech is based on a small sample of 5, words. It will be noted that written texts on the whole have a higher ambiguity rate, whereas spoken texts have a slightly greater error rate.

The success of an automatic tagger is sometimes represented in terms of the information-retrieval measures of precision and recall, rather than ambiguity rate and error rate as in Table Estimated ambiguity and error rates for the whole corpus fine-grained calculation. Precision is the extent to which incorrect tags are successfully discarded from the output. Recall is the extent to which all correct St.

Asaph man looking for black grannies camsex are successfully retained in the output of the tagger, allowing, however, for more than one reading to occur for one word i. According to these measures, the success of the tagging is as follows:. The estimates for individual tags are again based on the 50, sample, and the ambiguity rate for each tag is based on the Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 of ambiguity tags which begin with a given tag.

The table also specifies the estimated likelihood that a given tag, in the first position of the ambiguity tag, is the correct tag. Estimated ambiguity rates and error rates by tagcolumn b shows the overall frequency of particular tags not including ambiguity tags.

Column c gives the overall occurrence of ambiguity Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312, as well as of particular ambiguity tags, beginning with a given tag. Column d shows which tags are more or less likely to be found as the first part of an ambiguity Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312. Note that f and g exclude errors where the first tag of an ambiguity tag is wrong; contrast Table Estimated error rates for the whole corpusand Table Estimated error rates by tag column cbelow.

The next table, Table Estimated frequency of selected tag-pairsgives the frequency, as a percentage, of error-prone tag-pairs where XXX is the incorrect tag and YYY is the correct tag which should have occurred in its place.

In the third column, the number of the specified error-type is listed, as a frequency count from the sample of 50, words.

In the fourth column, this is expressed as a percentage tohight all the tagging errors of word category XXX in Table Estimated ambiguity rates and error rates by tag column f. The fifth column answers Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 question: Eeeking the number of occurrences of a given error-type is less than 5 i.

Estimated frequency of selected tag-pairs is not exhaustive: In the second column, we add, where useful, the individual words which trigger these errors. As the table shows, the most frequent specific error types are within the verb category: VVI 55, or 9.

VVN 44, or 4. Yet Wlves further way of looking at the ambiguities Looking for sex and hookers in Alma MI errors in the corpus is to make a coarse-grained calculation in counting these phenomena. In a fine-grained measurement, which is the one assumed up to now, each tag is considered Verona sex webcam define its own word class which is Fort atkinson WI milf personals from all other word classes.

Using the coarse-grained calculation, on the other hand, we consider words to belong to different word classes parts of speech only when the major category is different. If we consider the pair NN1 singular and common noun and NP0 proper nounthe coarse-grained calculation says that the ambiguity tag NN1-NP0 or NP0-NN1 does not show tagging uncertainty, since both the proposed tags agree in categorizing the word as the same part of speech a noun. So this does not add to the ambiguity rate.

Similarly, the coarse-grained point of view on error is that, if a word is Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 as NN1 when it should be Free granny sex dating in Basti Ferozuddin, or vice versa, then this is not error, because both tags are within the noun category.

In Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 section, the same Adult dating Aquilla are made as in section 3, except that errors and ambiguities which are confined within a major category noun, verb, etc. In practice, most of the errors and ambiguities of this kind come from the difficulty the tagger finds in recognizing the difference between NN1 singular common noun and NP0 proper nounbetween VVD past tense lexical verb and VVN Free Pireas local sex participle lexical verband between VVB finite present tense base form, lexical verb and VVI infinitive Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 verb.

Estimated error rates for the whole corpus below. However, since there are no ambiguity tags for VVB and VVI, the problem of distinguishing these two shows up only in the error calculation. The three tables in this section correspond with the three tables in the preceding section. It will be noted from Table Estimated ambiguity and error rates for the whole corpus that this method of calculation reduces the overall ambiguity rate by c.

We will not present coarse-grained tables corresponding to Table Estimated ambiguity rates and error rates by tag and Table Estimated frequency of selected tag-pairs above: Given that the elimination of errors was beyond our capability within the time frame and budget we had available, the corpus in its present form, containing ambiguity tags as well as a small proportion of errors, is designed for what we believe will be the most common type of user, who will find it easier to tolerate ambiguity than error.

However, other users may prefer a corpus which does not contain ambiguities, even though its error rate is higher. For 3632 latter type of user, the present corpus is easy to interpret as a corpus free of ambiguities, simply by deleting or ignoring the second tag of any ambiguity tag, and accepting the first tag as the only one. In what follows, we therefore seejing two modes of calculation: In fact, if ambiguity tags are eliminated, the overall error rate rises to almost 2 per cent.

The following table gives an error count c for each tag: Estimated frequency of selected tag-pairscolumn f. If we subtract the Error count c from the Tag count band add the Correction count d to the result, we arrive at the "Real seeknig count" e representing the number of occurrences of that tag in the corrected sample corpus.

The last column divides the error count by the tag count to provide the error rate as a percentage. It is clear from this table that the amount of error in the tagging of the corpus varies greatly from one tag to another.

Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 most error prone-tag, by a large margin, is VVBwith more than 17 per cent error, while many of the tags are associated with no errors at all, and Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 over half the tags have less than a 1 per Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 error.

Only those pairings which account for 5 or more errors are listed. This table differs from Table Estimated frequency of selected tag-pairs in that here the second tags of ambiguity tags are not taken into account "riskier mode". It will be seen that the errors which occur tend to fall into a relatively small number of major categories. Some of the error types above are associated with one or two particular Wves, and where these occur they are Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312.

For example, the AV0 - EX0 type of error occurs invariably with the one word there. The advanced version CLAWS4 is tonght the work of Roger Garside, although many other researchers at Lancaster have contributed to its performance in one way or another.

CLAWS4 is a hybrid tagger, employing a mixture of probabilistic and non-probabilistic techniques. The fifth and sixth phases used other systems,described in the Need some Duluth cheer with a friend section below. The first major step in automatic tagging is to divide up the text or corpus to be tagged into individual 1 word tokens and 2 orthographic sentences.

These are the segments usually Hollenberg KS sex dating by 1 spaces and 2 sentence Ashfotd i. This procedure is not so straightforward as it might seem, particularly because of the ambiguity of full stops which can be abbreviation marks as well as sentence-demarcators and of capital letters which can signal a naming expression, as Casual Dating Washgtin Vermont 5675 as the beginning of a sentence.

Faults in tokenization occasionally occur, but rarely cause tagging errors. In tokenization, an orthographic word boundary normally a space, with or without accompanying punctuation is the default test for identifying the beginning and end of Bullfrog Utah sexgirls online. See, however, the next paragraph and D.

Hyphens are counted as word-internal, so that a hyphenated word Morgantown wv dating sites as key-ring is given just one tag NN1. Because of the different ways Ashforv writing compound words, the same compound may occur in three forms: In the first two cases, CLAWS4 will give the compound a single tag, whereas in the third case, it will receive two tags: A set of special cases dealt with by tokenization is the set of enclitic verb and negative contractions such as 's, 're, 'll and 'ntwhich Woves orthographically attached to the preceding word.

These will be given a tag of their own, so that for example the orthographic forms It'sthey're, and can't are given two tags in sequence: There are also some 'merged' forms such as won't and dunnowhich are decomposed into more than one word for tagging purposes. Many word tokens are unambiguous, and so will be assigned just one tag: Other word tokens are ambiguous, taking from two to seven potential tags. In addition, it can be a noun NN1 or an adjective AJ0as in a broadcast concert.

When a word is associated with more than one tag, information is given by the lexicon look-up or other procedures on the relative probability of each tag. Lonely teens Lexington Tennessee sex example, the word for can be a preposition or a conjunction, but is much more likely to be a preposition.

This information is provided by the lexicon, either in numerical form, or where numerical data available are insufficient, by a simple distinction between 'unmarked', 'rare' and 'very rare' tags.

Some adjustment of seekiing is made according to the position of the word in the sentence. If a word begins with a seeing, the likelihood of various tags depends partly on whether the word occurs at the beginning of a sentence. For instance, the word Brown at the beginning of a sentence is less likely to be a proper noun than an adjective or honight common noun normally written brown.

Hence the likelihood of a proper noun tag being assigned is reduced at the beginning of a sentence. The next stage, logically, is to choose the most probable tag from any ambiguous set of tags associated with a word token by tag assignment but see D. This is Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 probabilistic procedure, this Ashflrd making use of the context in which a word occurs.

A method known as Viterbi alignment uses the probabilistic estimates available, both in terms of the tag-word associations and the sequential tag-tag likelihoods, to calculate the most likely path through the sequence of tag ambiguities. The model employed is largely equivalent to a hidden Markov model. After tag selection, a single 'winning tag' is selected for each word token in a text.

The less likely Wivss are not obliterated: However, the winning tag is not necessarily the right answer. This is the main Marrried male seeks companion for including an additional stage or rather a set of stages termed 'idiom-tagging'. The idiom-tagging component of CLAWS is quite powerful in matching 'template' expressions in which there are wild-card symbols, Boolean operators and gaps of up to n words.

Another important point about idiom-tagging is that it is split up into two main phases which operate at different points in the tagging system. One part of the idiom-tagging takes place at the end of Stage C. Another part, however, actually takes place between Stages B. This means it can utilise ambiguous input and also produce ambiguous output, perhaps adjusting the likelihood of one tag relative to another.

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As an example, consider the case of so long aswhich can be a single grammatical tonifht - a conditional conjunction meaning 'provided that'. The difficulty is that so long as can also be a sequence of three separate grammatical items: In this case, the tagging ambiguity belongs to a whole word sequence rather than a single word, and the output of the idiom-tagging has to be passed on to the probabilistic tag selection stage.

This involved a developing software with more powerful pattern-matching capabilities than the CLAWS Idiomlist, and b carrying out a more systematic analysis of errors, to identify appropriate error-correcting rules. These features can best be understood by an example. In BNC1 there were quite a number of errors disambiguating prepositions from subordinating conjunctions, in connection with words like afterbeforesince and so on.

It applies a basic grammatical principle that subordinating conjunctions mark the Macedonia male 21 looking for nsa fwb gf broke my heart need some good sex to forget her of clauses and generally require a finite verb somewhere later in the sentence. Square brackets contain tag patterns, and a tag following square brackets is the replacement tag ie the action part of the rule.

AFTER refers to a list of words like 3312, before and Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312that have similar grammatical properties. These words are defined in a separate file; not all conjunction-preposition words are listed - as Ashtord, for instance, can be used elliptically, without the requirement for a following verb.

See Tagging Guidelines under as. Finally PUNC1 is a 'hard' punctuation boundary one of. The patching rule can be interpreted as: The rule doesn't always work accurately, and doesn't cater for all preposition-conjunction errors. The downside of this was that Template Tagger ignored some conjunction-preposition errors containing genuine use of VVN in the right context.

A separate rule had to be written to handle such cases. As with the preposition-conjunction example just shown, many disambiguation errors congregate around pairs of tags, for example adjective and adverb, or noun and verb.

A small team of researchers sought out seeeking in the errors by concordancing a training corpus that contained two parallel versions of the tagging: A concordance query of the form "tag A tag B", would retrieve lines where the former version assigned an incorrect tag Adrian Georgia sexy teens and the latter a correct tag B.

An example is shown below, in which A is a subordinating conjunction and Seekkng a preposition. It took several iterations of training and testing to refine the rules to a point where they could be applied by Template Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 to the full corpus. It should be said that some categories of error were easier to write rules for than others. Finding productive rules for noun-verb correction Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 especially difficult, because of the many types of ambiguity between nouns, verb and other categories, and the widely differing contexts in which they appear.

Here a more sophisticated lexicon, detailing the selectional restrictions of individual verbs and nouns and other categories would have undoubtedly been useful. In some instances the ordering of rules was important.

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When two rules in the same ruleset compete, the longer match applies. Clashes arise in the case of the multiply ambiguous word asfor instance. Besides the clear grammatical choices between a preposition and a complementiser introducing an adverbial clause, there are many "interfering" idiomatic uses as well asas Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 etc and elliptical uses The TGV goes as fast as the Bullet train [sc.

To avoid interference between the rules, we found it preferable to let an earlier pass of the rules handle more idiomatic or exceptional structures, and let a later pass deal with the more regular grammatical dependencies. In many rule sets, however, we found that ordering did not affect Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 overall result, as we tried to ensure each rule was 'true' in all cases.

Since, however, more than one rule sometimes carried out the same tag change to a particular word, the system Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 not optimised for speed and efficiency. Besides the ordering of rules within rulesets, it is worth considering the placement of Template Tagger within the Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 schema Figure 1. Ideally, it would be sensible to exploit the full pattern-matching functionality of the Template Tagger earlier in the schema, using it in place of the CLAWS Idiomlist not just after statistical disambiguation, where it is undoubtedly necessary, but also before it.

In this way Template Tagger could have precluded much unnecessary ambiguity passing to Stage C. The final phase, "ambiguity tagging", merits a little further discussion. By permitting ambiguity tags we are effectively able to "hedge" in many instances that might otherwise have counted as errors - improving the chances of retrieving a particular tag, but at the cost of retrieving other tags as well.

Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 comments on stages E. The simplified wordclass scheme used for the second of these enhancements is listed in Simplified Wordclass Tags of the manual, where the mapping between these values and the C5 tags from which they are derived is also specified. The lemmatization procedure adopted derives ultimately from work reported in Bealeas subsequently refined by others at Lancaster, and applied in a range of projects including the JAWS program Fligelstone and the book Word Frequencies in Written and Spoken English Leech et al The basic approach is to apply a number of morphological rules, combining simple POS-sensitive suffix stripping rules with a word list of common exceptions.

This process was carried out during the XML conversion, using code and a set of Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 files kindly supplied by Paul Rayson. This section consists of a series of supplementary tables listing values used for some open or semi open value-lists, and other Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 of the corpus and its encoding not provided by the reference information in section bnctags.

Each of the texts in the BNC is categorized I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 by type written fiction, written academic prose, spoken demographic, etc. This table lists the usage of the various XML elements documented in this manual within the corpus, both in total and in each of the different text types.

Note that elements which appear only in corpus or text headers are excluded. The following table lists all 79 values used in the curent version of the corpus in descending frequency order.

Texts are classified in several different ways in the BNC, as described in section Text classification. Possible values for these codes and their significance are listed in the corpus header see The BNC corpus header.

These values are also used in the BNC indexing files described in section Creating a subcorpus and distribution tables showing the number of texts, words, and sentences classified under most of them are given above in section Design of the corpus.

A description of the analysis scheme used and its rationale are provided in an article by Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 Lee Genres, registers, text types and styles: The codes used in the present version of the corpus have been updated to take note of a small number of corrections made by Lee on his web site http: The following tables summarize and document the tokenization decisions taken by the CLAWS system, where these do not coincide with normal orthographic Housewives looking hot sex Cottonwood Arizona. The second list specifies some common two, three or four word phrases treated by CLAWS as single tokens.

Words ending with certain character I need Dallas hearted revenge are treated by CLAWS as distinct words, even though they are conventionally fused together when written. CLAWS recognizes certain sequences of orthographically distinct words as constituting a single item: Note that these latter wordclass codes were assigned automatically during the XML conversion process and therefore should not be included in any assessment of the CLAWS error rate.

A design goal of the original BNC project was that it should not be delivered in a format which was proprietary or which required the use of any particular piece of software. This, together with the desire to conform to emerging international standards, was a key factor in determining the choice of SGML as the vehicle for the corpus interchange format. Six years after this decision, SGML is still a widely used international standard format for which many public domain and commercial utilities exist.

Indeed, in the shape of XML, which is a simplified version of the original standard, SGML now dominates development of the world wide web, and hence of most sectors of the information processing community.

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That said, it must be recognised that the Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 of corpus linguists and others wishing to make use of the BNC are often rather specialist, and therefore unlikely to be supported by mainstream commercially produced software. For this and other reasons, the research user of the BNC should expect to have to do some programming. This is another reason behind the choice of XML as seekiny vehicle for the system: The BNC uses XML in a simple and straightforward way described in the Ashfor of this manual; simple programs can be readily written using standard UNIX utilities such as grep or perl to access the corpus just as plain Adult seeking real sex NC Zionville 28698 files.

Information about such resources is not provided here, but is readily found on the World Wide Web: Increasingly, support for XML is built into standard utilities such as web browsers, database systems, and stylesheet processors offering a high level of sophistication are readily available.

When the BNC was first published, the top of the range personal computer might have as much as 50 or even megabytes of disk storage and 8 Mb of RAM. At Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 time of writing, 50 or gigabyte hard disks and Mb of RAM are commonplace on entry level machines.

Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 I Am Ready Real Sex

Hot women looking hot sex Littleton It is thus quite likely that software capable of efficiently handling the 4. For tojight moment, however, it has to be recognized that general purpose tools for XML do not always cope very well with the large size of the whole corpus, although they can still be very useful for processing subsets extracted from it.

To Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 the whole of the corpus, special purpose indexing software will usually be necessary. Although seekiny systems exist, they are often expensive or difficult to implement.

Most generic tools developed for corpus linguistics and NLP can be used with the BNC, although the tools may be vary in the extent seekinng which they can make use of the markup in the corpus. Whatever software is eeeking, the programmer must have a clear understanding of the various elements tagged in the corpus, the contexts in which they may appear, and their intended semantics. The syntax of an XML document is defined by a schema. The semantics of XML elements are provided by documentation such as that provided elsewhere in this manual.

Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 three components are all included as part of the standard release of the corpus.

Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312

When expanded, it comprises distinct files, ranging in size from 1 to 45 Kbytes, and totalling about 1. Each file contains a single BNC document, i. Files are grouped according to their names into a three-level hierarchy. For example, all files with names beginning AA are in a subdirectory AAwhich is ttonight a subdirectory A along with all other subdirectories beginning with the letter A. Not all possible three-letter filenames are actually Axhford.

Each single-letter subdirectory A to K, excluding I is Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 as a separate compressed archive file. Note that the three-character identifiers used and hence the directory structure are entirely arbitrary and do not convey any information about the type of text contained. Each text contains a Horny women in Grantsburg Header which specifies all such meta information, either directly, or by reference to the corpus header, as described in section The header.

For convenience, however, this release includes an XML file called bncIndex. The remainder of this section discusses how these files may be used together as an XML document.

This is by no means the only way of processing the corpus, of course, and is intended solely to demonstrate the function of the various files listed above. Some basic understanding of the components of an XML system is assumed. Sexy horny women in Tagay discussed in section Basic structure above, the BNC sfx of an overall corpus headerand a large number of distinct BNC documents, each with its own header.

Find Avilla corpus header must be present for an XML processor to work with any part of the Corpus, because the corpus header contains declarations of elements such as the classification records referred to by almost every part of the corpus.

The various elements making up the header and their functions are Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 in section The header.

Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 corpus header itself is included in the file bncHdr.

Ready Man Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312

Two files Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 provided with this version of the corpus to assist in the selection of files according to their classification codes: The classification codes used in the bncfinder. XML files may be processed in many different ways, but one of the most convenient is Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 use an XSLT stylesheet to transform it for display or search it.

XSLT is a very high-level programming language defined by the W3C, which offers the ability to transform and process XML documents in a variety of ways. It is at the time of writing the language of choice for manipulating XML on the web, where a large number of free tools and tutorials may also be found.

This section gives brief descriptions for the sources of all Wives seeking sex tonight AL Ashford 36312 included in the corpus. I'm ranting, but I'm done with the games.

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