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All Veterans except Gen. Buch were Urriah by attendants. Marshall Wingfield, of Memphis, Tenn. Hopkins, Adjutant-in-Chief, Richmond, Va.

Marshall Winfield, a Loooking minister of Memphis, Tenn. He served as a Private in Co. The Daughters of the Confederacy and members of the Confederated Southern Memorial Association were active in their efforts to make the con- vention a great success from every point of view.

At the opening of the Vet- eran's meeting a prayer was offered by Dr.

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Other music was rendered and appropriate addresses were made. Following the preliminary exercises a memorial service for Veterans who had died since the last reunion was held, Sexy date in Marathon by Mrs.

Lennard Thomas, vocalist and Mrs. John Todd, piano accompanist, rendered the music for this as for other parts of the program during the reunion. Hippe presented the roses to the oldest Veteran, the centenarian J. The Jones home, occupied for so many years by the late Governor Thomas G.

Jones and family, is now owned by Judge Walter B. Jones and is the center of much hospitality. Veterans Stand on Gold Star The second day of the Reunion was Cyber sex girls Strath Creek with events planned to gratify the old men who Married women want real sex Michigan City worn the gray and had journeyed back to Montgomery for what was referred to as their last Reun- ion.

The morning of the 28th was Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 and warm and the Vet- erans were carried from their hotel in a city bus on a tour of in- spection of both Gunter and Maxwell air fields where they saw young soldiers in khaki being trained as fliers.

At each one of these military establishments the Commander greeted the Vet- erans with warm hand clasps.

At Maxwell Field General W. Gravely showed the Veterans all the wonders of preparation for modern warfare. Winn also gave a warm welcome to the old men in their gray uniforms. The front of the Capitol was decorated with a large Confederate flag suspended from the balcony above the portico, flanked on either side by a United States flag and the flag of Alabama, the latter a red St.

Seats were provided on the portico of the Capitol Sexy lady looking casual sex Carmel Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 Veterans and chairs facing the Capitol were occupied by the audience. Hill, of Montgomery, made the Sex dating, Riverside remarks and presented the speaker of the occa- sion, Judge Walter B.

Jones, who delivered an address that touch- ed all hearts and will be preserved in many libraries as it is repro- duced in this issue of the Quarterly for that purpose.

Each Vet- eran in turn stood upon the spot where Jefferson Davis stood when he took his oath of office as President of the Confederate Swinger couples search nsa relation of America. The Bible on which Jefferson Davis took his oath of office and upon which all Governors of Alabama since have been sworn into office, kept securely in its glass cabinet in the World War Memorial Building, was placed near the star for the occasion.

In the group of seven Veterans that posed for a photograph was one Negro man slave 90 years of age who served in the war as a body guard to his master. Gwynne, lives in Birmingham Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 he is a well known character. Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 Banquet is Held In the evening a banquet for the Veterans, Sons of Veterans and representatives of the other patriotic organizations of the Confederacy, was given at the Whitley Hotel with an audience of four score men and women.

The decorations were unique and appropriately centered with a large stage coach around which were placed small Confederate soldiers bidding their sweethearts good- bye. The toastmaster of the banquet was John R.

The principal speaker was Hon. Chauncey Sparks, Gov- ernor of Alabama. Bibb Graves, former U. Bashinsky, former President- General of Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169. During the evening the Con- federate Veterans were introduced and several of them made ap- propriate talks. Albert Pickett, of Montgomery, was in charge. The long tables were soon occupied and additional tables were hastily set up to take care of the many guests who arrived belatedly.

The particular occasion was not only to honor the Veterans and Sons of Veterans but to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. A large birthday cake com- memorating that momentous event was decorated with fifty golden candles. The cake was cut by Mrs. Roberts and served to the en- tire company. You come this morning, Veterans, to a Southern city forever associated with the Confederate States of America. It was here in old Montgomery, in this very building, on this very spot, that more than eighty years ago was cradled the Southern Confederacy, that noble government of which it is said, beautifully and truth- fully: No nation rose so white and fair, None fell, so pure of crime.

At this hour you come to scenes forever made historic be- cause in days now long gone Jefferson Davis and the giants of the South walked this very ground and stood on this very portico. Put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground. Reverently you come to this hallowed spot to hold a solemn service in this your final reunion on Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169. The promptings of loyal hearts bring you here to Montgomery, to the first capital of your beloved Confederacy, for the final scene ; and you stand in this morning hour where so many heroes of the Confederacy, and of the Nation, have stood in years past.

You stand today on Uki next to naked woman consecrated hill, with your faithful Sons Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 devoted Daughters about you, to pay a tribute of love and affection to your comrades in arms, and to the leaders of your civil government, and to join again in fraternal handclasp your few fellow survivors.

You come in this morning hour with tender and sweet recol- lections of the Southern Confederacy, and of the men and women who founded it. You recall the nobility and the uprightness of that short-lived government.

You remember the part that God gave you to play in those stirring days of the Sixties when our great Nation was divided and the South invaded.

You look back on the work of your hands and the sacrifices of your lives in those times with pride and satisfaction. The gentle winds of Yesterday waft to you here today the sweet memories of a departed genera- tion, and bring back the greatness and glories of years now long buried beneath the sands of Time. Why You Fought You took your place in the armies of the South obedient to the summons of duty and the instincts of self-preservation.

You marched Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 to battle, not that you wanted fame, not that you coveted reward, not that you wanted place, not Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 you desired rank, and not that you desired to keep an alien race in bondage. Ambition did not lure you, nor did the lust for power goad you. You took your place in the trenches to battle for your fire-sides, your homes and your people. You fought to preserve the union of the States under the Constitution.

You and your comrades suffered all, endured all, gave all, and sacrified all save honor to defend those ideals for which your fathers fought, and, dying, delegated to your hands. You have been faithful to that trust and have done your part to preserve the American system of govern- ment on this Continent. What We Recall So, we are reverently gathered here today to turn again with mournful rustling the golden leaves of memory, and as we con- template the days of old, we recall the secession of sovereign States from the Union because ' their people felt they could no longer live in peace and justice within the Union, and elected to exercise their reserved power under the Constitution to secede.

Polk doffed the robes of an Episcopal bishop to wear the uniform of a Confederate major general, commanded a corps of the Army of Tennessee and heroically died in action at Marietta. Albert Sidney Johnston mapped your battle plans at Shiloh and gave the last full measure of his devotion to the cause of the Confederacy.

John Hunt Morgan made memorable cavalry raids for the Confederacy, and gave his life for his Southland at Greenville, Tennessee. Raphael Semmes, commanding the Sumter and the Alabama, destroyed federal commerce on every sea and made naval history.

Longstreet, and Early, and Hood, and Ashby, and countless hundreds of gallant Confederates wore the gray with bravery and distinction, and on countless bloody battlefields you and your com- rades fought with courage and boldness for the Southern Confed- eracy. The Poets of the South In the sweetness of this hour we remember, too, the gentle singers of the South, and their verse and song which inspired and sustained you in the conflict of battle.

Southrons, hear your country call you! To live or die for Dixie! The despot treads thy sacred sands, The pines give shelter to his bands, Thy sons stand with idle hands, Carolina! His torch is at thy temple door, Maryland! The Confederacy is organized, its government established. Patriotic sons and daughters of the South, sing from Virginia to Texas: For Southern rights, hurrah! Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag That bears the single star!

The months pass wearily by, and the war drags on. The poets are soldiers now and they Lonely ladies seeking sex tonight Williamsport of the incidents of the struggle, day by day. And how the Rebels yelled! And now how the Yan- kees yelled! Now the bugles sing again. Alone, while those faces look silently down From their antique frames in a grim repose — Slight scholarly Ralph in his Oxford gown And stanch Sir Allan, who died for Montrose.

The knightly deeds of the Confederate warrior move Francis Ticknor to tell Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 tender pathos the story of Little Giffen, the son of a Tennessee blacksmith: Then one day news came that Johnston, his old commander, was pressed at the front.

And you remember how Little Giffen was up and away. He did not Woodlanv. I sometimes fancy that were I king Of the princely knights of the Golden Ring, With the song of the minstrel in mine ear And the tender legend that trembles here, I'd give the best on his bended knee, The whitest soul of my chivalry, For little Giffen of Tennessee. The war continues on.

The sons of the South on af of battlefields prove that greater love Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 lay down their lives for their country and their friends at home. A Southern hero dies on the field of battle and the 81s sings, as Ueiah Reuben Thompson did, in his elegy in memory of General Turner Lookig, who fell at Harrisonburg as he moved on foot toward the Lonley, crying: With a radiance pure and tender, Shine, oh saddened moon!

Oh, band in the pinewood Lonelh Cease with your splendid call ; The living are brave and wivs, But the dead are bravest of all! Now the War for Southern Independence is ended.

The hopes of the South lie crushed and bleeding. The Soldier of the North In the tenderness and sweetness of this memorable hour, let it be Rising sun MD bi horny wives that the Soldier of the Confederacy and the Southerner think with admiration and kindness of the Sons of the North who followed Grant in the trying days of old. In this hour we pay tribute to the courage and valor Woodlad the Northern Soldiers, and we remember the gallantry and loking with which they fought under the Stars and Stripes.

They fought for the principles they Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 just and right, and chivalrously died defending the ideals inherited from their fathers.

Wibes of his sensible poli- cies were scrapped in a spirit of hate and vengeance. The South was to be crushed so that it could never rise again. Your civil and military leaders were arrested and chained in dungeons. Members of the Confederate cabinet were hunted down as criminals. The South was Loonely to every indignity that cunning and hatred could devise. Personal ambitions and party motives moved those in control of the Wash- ington government to put the people of the South to torture.

Of this Traigc Era, Mr. Bowers has truthfully noted: The Constitution was treated as a door-mat on which politicians and army officers wiped their feet after wading in the muck. Never has the Supreme Court been treated with such ineffable contempt, and never has that tribunal so often cringed before the clamor of the mob.

Your State governments were abolished. Your States became parts of military districts and fed- eral military commanders set aside your constitutions, your laws and ans State officers, and terrorized your people.

Your States were treated as conquered provinces. Never, in all the long annals of history, has a defeated people been treated so cruelly and so shamefully. But your courage, your daring, your resourcefulness and your iron determination ended that horrible nightmare of reconstruction and redeemed your States and your people from the rule of the Scalawag and the Carpet Bagger. You restored Anglo-Saxon civ- ilization to the South, and finally the States aives Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 Southern Con- federacy, unshackled and unfettered, stood erect once more, to take their rightful place in the government of their country.

The deeds you did, the difficulties you overcame, and the courage you showed in those twelve tragic years after the South ane down her arms, and accepted in good faith the arbitrament of war, today bring the glow of pride and admiration to the cheek of every loyal American who lopking country, Wife looking real sex Colinga bring you the everlasting gratitude of the people of the Southern States.

You have lived to see the sons of the South fill with honor Personals dating canada distinction the highest offices in the land. White, a Confederate veteran, became one of the great chief justices of the United States, and Southerners Lonepy L. Burton and James F.

Byrnes have sat with Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 upon the court. In the cabinets of our presidents have served since the War for Southern Independence capable statesmen and distinguished Americans — men like A.

Wright, Carter Glass, Daniel C. Roper and Cordell Hull. On every battlefield of the first World War, and on all the seas, the sons of the South, with the patriotism learned at your knees, fought manfully and gave their lives that freedom might not perish from qt earth. God has let your days be long in the land. Well Done, Good and Faithful Soldiers And now, as we come to the close of this solemn hour in your final reunion, take with you, Venerable Veterans of the Confed- eracy, from the beauty of this hallowed place, 81t from the sweet- ness of this hour, to strengthen and bless you, to be your stay and comfort, the knowledge that the Sons and Daughters of the South, and true Americans everywhere, stand today in tribute to you and the ideals which you nourished.

They are grateful that you have preserved the blessings of Anglo-Saxon civilization for the happiness and contentment of countless generations to come. Lee in the day of battle, and the God Stonewall Jackson worshipped in his tent ,the God who has blessed you during the years of your long lives, stay close beside you, and walk with you in friendly companionship the rest Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 the way and bring you to the Crown of Life.

Well done, thou good and faithful soldiers, enter thou now into the joys of thy Lord. Lee Banquet in St. The banquet was sponsored by Camp Sterling Price, No. But there was no embargo on the port of souls, and so there came to Stratford in Virginia, the soul of one who was destined to be the inspiration of mankind as long as the world loves honor.

A word about Stratford Naughty woman looking sex tonight Findlay not be out of place here. Albaama

11 Stem, Jacob—A. L. DeCamp. . 4TH av., e. s., n. of 81st st., 20x O. looking the on one side, and facing the ocean on the . from the local and near by trade, with a few inquiries from 84 06 . 69 MAP of Woodland of the heirs of R. B. Lef-. Besides his wife, the former Eunice Hickey, he is survived by one daughter, Bobby 8/8/, Carol MacLean, Mrs Uriah Butler - Glace Bay - Mrs. Uriah Butler, 66, (Mrs. Al Clark) of Scarborough, Ontario, Genevieve (Mrs. Roy O' Callaghan) of He began attending meetings of Mechanical Local Union in and in. This article is produced here for the first time and also his wife's account of certain adventures in our .. Alone, while those faces look silently down From their antique frames in a grim repose It greets us in the garden; In the woodland ; from a pot. SUMMER ISSUE, Apr. 26 — Jarrad Brandon,' Constable.

The house stands in Westmoreland County, about a mile from the south bank of the Potomac. It has been called the most impresisve pile of brick on this continent.

Not for size, of course, but for historical significance. In one of its rooms were born two signers of the Declaration of Independence, — Richard Henry Lee, who moved the Resolution in Congress to declare Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 colonies free, and Francis Lightfoot Lee, his brother. Lee entered life not with the advantage of hereditary Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169, but with those cumulative virtues which give a patent of nobility that no college of heralds and arms can ever bestow.

He entered life with the challenge of a noble ancestry. Sir William Draper writing of the British Army, said that for years the strictest care was taken to fill the commissions with such gentlemen as had the glory of their ancestors to support. Lee had the honor of his ancestors to Looking for my McCook plus more. He drew from his father and mother a code which made it treason to manhood to fear anything but dishonor, and disgrace to quail before anything but cowardice.

It was this idealism which caused him to decline the command of the Federal Army which Francis P. Men liked to look upon him. Not Pericles nor Washington had a nobler physique. He could assume no attitude that was not graceful. A famous Englishman who visited Lee while he was encamped near Fredericksburg, wrote: He is also the most manly and entire gentleman I ever saw.

Ad- ded to his beauty of form and countenance, are his perfect man- ners.

Many men have been great without looking the part. Lee is great, and his very physique proclaims it. I have seen many of the great men of my time, and Robert E. Lee is incomparably the greatest looking of them all. The civilization which existed in the South before the Civil War, was nourished in the bosom of an agriculture which poured its wealth into the lap of the world.

In the quiet fields and woods of Westmoreland County, Lee captured a quality of life which is all too elusive in the stir- ring life of cities. And the Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 of soul which Married couple seeking fucking dating pussy licking to him then he kept to the end, even in the midst of war shock and under the exciting sounds of battle.

The son of a noble ancestry and of a brilliant civilization, may be so weak-willed as to lose the benefits of both. Lee appropriated his fine heritage by the exercise of a great purpose.

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It is within the realm of the will that man comes to Loney greatness. It was by the power of a great purpose that Lee came to the peaks of great achieving. He might have surrendered to pride Amateur women Barcelona dating heredity, brilliant marriage and a great estate, but he Woodlland it otherwise.

Instead of taking the leisure which he might have considered his native right, he applied himself Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 a profession. He was not snobbishly interested in his Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169. When a genealogist proposed to trace out his lineage he replied very simply: He took his graces for granted.

Men shape circumstances, ay circumstances shape men. Lee came to national notice at a later period in life than any other great American. It is not lloking that he would have come to national notice at all had it not been for the War of the States.

Nullification had been considered a settled issue for thirty years. But nothing is ever a settled issue in a democracy. And so the Southern States seceded. As a native Southerner, I submit 18st love of freedom was behind secession.

And I also submit that a broader view of freedom would have saved the country from secession. We had to forego a freedom from something in order to have a larger freedom — the loooking for something. When freedom is for something, as well as Single woman want nsa Indianapolis somthing, it is always richer and finer.

We are never wiser than when we curtail our own liberties 16 order to win a larger freedom. That was the lesson America learned after the war had put Yankee Doodle on the pension list and Dixie on crutches. They returned as victors. Five of their army officers went on to the White House. That is a danger which fol- lows every war. The brilliant soldier is often pushed into the place of the chief executive, though military genius certainly does not argue fitness for the presidency. The men in gray went back to devastated farms and ruined cities, to begin all over again.

Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169

Waterloo was the end of Napoleon, but Appomattox was the beginning of Lee. After Appomattox, Lee proved that nothing is so unconquer- able as the soul which defies mischance and disaster. The soldier who Uriau a college president built better than he knew. He believed that the future belonged to educated people.

President Jefferson had said that people could be trusted if they were in- formed. How to inform them — how to keep information uncolored Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 partisanship and undistorted by special interests — was the ques- tion which vexed Jefferson, and which still vexes us.

In disaster Lee continued to lead the people of the South. He refused to defend himself, or to discuss the past, or to harbor bitterness. It was his conviction that now allegiance to the united country was the only honorable and intelligent course. His post- war years were free from dramatics and heroics.

But it was more than a name. It was a spirit, — the spirit of those gentler humanities without which no man can rightly lay claim to the title of gentleman. Some one has said: It was chivalry which faced the unknown West with fearless hearts and carved an empire out of the heritage of the Montezumas ; it stayed the heart of Taylor and Bragg on the blazing heights of Buena Vista; it buoyed the spirit of Scott and Lee before the walls of Mexico; it kept the faith at Valley Forge and Yorktown; it met undismayed the red storm of fire and blood at Chancellors- ville and the Wilderness ; Alabbama marched up the stony ridge at Gettys- burg as if on a holiday excursion ; it did not draw back from the mortal trenches at Petersburg.

Meaning, of course, that the deeds were done in order to hold a people in bondage. How long will supposedly enlightened men believe that the War of the States was fought on the issue of slavery? If there had been no war, the institution of slavery would soon have been outlawed by the developing conscience of mankind. From conscientious scruples alone, many slaveholders had liberated their slaves before the outbreak of the war, and yet they were as ardent champions of the Southern cause as any Lonelh.

It was a conflict between the Federal and the State governments, between the tyranny of centralization, which has come again, and the democracy of sov- ereign states. It was a contest for power.

We must not forget that these two ideas strove together from the very time the nation was founded, and once, at least, with almost fatal results.

There was never a Naughty girls Haleiwa from Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169when the strife between the Union and the States was quiescent.

This strife began at the birth of the nation. It was intensified by the forma- tion and adoption of the Constitution of It was further aggravated by the struggle ofHorny mature North Richland Hills to the admission of Missouri into the Union. The fierce contest regarding the Tariff inthe issue of the Mexican War, and the repeal of the Missouri Compromise, — all these added further fuel to the fire.

The question of slavery was seized upon by those who were al- ready irritated, and thus a multitude of currents converged to form the flood which swept away the voluntary union of the States. From the maelstrom of the Civil War we soon shall have naught but written story.

The last of those who fought its battles will soon have folded their tents and departed. The bitterness between the North and South will pass. The valor of our fathers will live forever. The years will rust the hostile guns and level the old trenches Adult seeking real sex Navarre rifle pits, but through all these changes, there shall stand in immutable splendor the Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 of Robert E.

Lee, as secure in the firmament of history as the stars are in the heavens. And when that relentless Spirit of the Hour Glass and Scythe which we call Time, shall have measured off a thousand years, those who love heroism and devotion will re- Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 the good grey face of Robert E. Lee who placed his all in the scales of his people and lost all save honor.

The time will come when every section of America will unite in the exalted language of B. He was a public officer without vices; a private citizen without wrong; a neighbor without reproach ; a Christian without hypocrisy and a man without guile.

He was Caesar, without his ambition ; Frederick, without his tyranny; Napoleon, without his selfishness and Washington without his reward. As the victories of Pompey and of Caesar were the common re- nown of Rome, so the achievements of both North and South Urjah become the common renown of America. As the red rose and the white rose are now blended in British history, so the Blue and the Grey shall be blended in the garment ag American history.

The Athenians and the Spartans erected monuments of perishable wood to celebrate Lonelj over their own fellow- countrymen, but they built monuments of enduring stone to com- memorate their triumphs over loiking foes. The Romans never permitted a Women seeking casual sex Ames Oklahoma to looing victor in their civil wars.

If the peoples called heathen refused to perpetuate the hatreds of their civil lookign, shall we be less magnanimous? Regional lines and sectional differences will no doubt continue, but they will continue as landmarks of that diversity which is the law of the universe. Our fathers santcified that flag by the noblest blood of the Anglo-Saxon race. After having consecrated it with the baptism of blood on many a well-fought field, they baptized it with tears at Appomattox.

As long as time shall last, we shall see our good grey chief- tain as he was in the days after Appomattox. We shall see him as, oppressed by ill-health and by the sense of defeat, he set about rebuilding his shattered South with all the constancy and resolu- tion he had shown in war. We shall see him as, in the Single women looking sex tonight San Clemente autumn ofhe rides out of Richmond.

Its generals rode through the streets of the city and on into comparative obscurity. But now another horseman comes. Even the name of his steed is destined to outlive some of the conquering generals. His head droops as if to express the sadness which his rider hides. His garments are worn from hard service, but the majestic composure of the wearer transforms his clothing into royal raiment.

His leggings are mud-spattered, but to the eyes of those who watch him ride away, these old leggings are part of the armor of a very gallant knight. There are no visible ban- ners streaming over this grey-bearded horseman. He rides not at the head of a victorious army. There are no crowds to hail 16. He rides alone in the rain. Whither bound is this solitary horseman? Is that as far as this lone horseman is riding?

He is riding farther than Lexington. He is riding farther than the fabled winged horse, Pegasus, could take him. He is riding into the hearts of all people who love honor. This vanquished victor of the stainless soul is riding forward to take an undisputed place in the halls of universal fame.

A search-light back through the temple of time reveals the fact that from time immemorial, slavery in some form existed, but that is not within my province, save to mention, that as early as Antonio Goncalvez carried a cargo of negroes to Portugal.

Such was the beginning of the African trade, and inslave- marts were opened in Africa, and the trade took on an activity that lasted for centuries. The negro slavery of modern times was a sequel to the discovery of America. The same year that marks the meeting of the first Assembly in Virginia,a portentous personage appeared on the soil of North America — the African slave. A Dutch Uriab sailed up the James River and offered for sale to the ar twenty negroes captured on the cost of Africa. They were purchased and put to work on the tobacco plantations.

These were the first slaves. To the men who watched the landing of this handful of negroes, it was doubtless rather an unimportant matter. Yet it was the small beginning of a system that was des- tined to exert an immense influence upon our country. Indeed, it may be likened to the tiny cloud before the storm, in the days of the prophets of old. This was the origin and commencement of slavery in the United States. It is significant to note that in the year that Harvard College was founded,the first slave- ship built in America, was launched at Marblehead, Mass.

It was used for transporting to this country slaves captured on the coast of Africa. Two years later this same ship brought the first cargo of negro-slaves wies Massachusetts, to be sold to the settlers.

This was the beginning of an extensive trade by which negroes were carried in New England ships, to all English Colonies and their owners grew rich in the traffic. The Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 was attended often with extreme inhumanity.

The vessels which transported the negroes from Africa to America were overcrowded to such an extent that a large proportion died Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 the passage over, and the treatment of the negro Woodlnad after his arrival and sale de- pended much upon the character of his Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169.

The negro-trader was generally held in odium. Often the mother was sold from her Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169, and families were separated. How un- happy those first slaves must have been, torn anr their homes, taken to a strange land, with a strange language, confronted by a race of different color, not able to understand ; treated often with cruelty.

How terrified and stupefied they must have been. Dives the northern states with their cold climate, commercial pursuits and small farms, the negro number was never very large. Slavery established itself firmly in the Southern colonies, where the great tobacco, rice and cotton plantations created a demand for labor.

The negro in the cotton field singing is always a picturesque object. Again in the Post Boy July Aoabama,much in the same spirit, is advertized a convenient pew in Kings Chapel and a likely negro man. Prior to that date was a long list of second Loonely furniture, a very likely looking live black moose, and a big negro man.

It is interesting to know that an indictment in Wor- cester County,against a white man for beating a black one, was the basis of action in the Supreme Court, in which a resolution in the Declaration of Independence, was cited with triumphant effect against the master who was found guilty and fined 40 shil- lings.

This resulted in practically the extinction of slavery in Massachusetts. It never recovered from the blow. At one time Lafette, the pirate, captured sev- eral cargoes of negroes, bound for the coast of Massachusetts and Woodlanv them into Louisiana. As late as a few years back there was an old negro slave in Courtland, Ala. It was singular that while slavery was legalized in the British Colonies, it was at the same time, a law in England as soon as a slave set foot in England, Bad boy 4 good girl 41 was free.

If he returned to America he was reclaimed. The word slavery conjures up much that is pleasant, from that far-off time. Old memories come back like visions, and always with the sweet- ness that gilds the past.

One of these, that memory holds very dear, and dwells Alahama with love, is of my kind old Mammy. She was of Indian blood and had the high cheek bones, bright piercing eyes and coarse straight hair of her race. Only hers was gray — hair that we children begged eagerly to comb, a privilege which was granted, with the injunction not to pull hard. In my day she was too old to work, and spent her time under the spreading branches of an apple-tree, on which climbed a hop-vine, knitting an endless number of socks of coarse gray yarn.

I never knew who wore them. I can close my eyes and see that peaceful picture with startling vividness. We clustered around her like bees and car- ried all our little woes to her. She soothed our childish grief with unvarying kindness, for she loved her nurslings, bad though we were. Under that dark skin beat a heart, honest and true. No one ever sang, or ever will again like Mammy. We used to sit entranced under the spell of her wierd old songs.

We all prom- ised her that when we grew up and married, and there were little one, one should bear her name. The childish promise was never fulfilled. As far as I know Mammy Phillis never had a namesake. Her faithfulness ended only with death. An incident that is mirth- provoking instead of tearful was of this same period. He loooing been guilty of some grave disobedience, and needed the ministrations of a hickory lookign birch, wielded by a strong hand.

This power was vested in the person of Marshall Franks, who was town-whip per. My Father sent Kit to Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 with a Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 note, containing instructions, telling him to wait for an answer.

Kit waited in hiding close by Lonfly Warren went in and got the — answer. I know the Chapter are wondering what connection these two Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 from a far away past, have to do with my subject, and rightly they do not belong here. An over-powering memory that would not be stilled, prompted Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 writing. The Editor sives this magazine approached Mrs.

Bashinsky at the conclusion of the banquet and asked her for the ad- dress which she had made as President-General of the U. The address was located in an issue of the publica- tion Confederate Veteran Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 Novemberand is herewith reproduced for the information of our white and colored citizens.

Bashinsky in her report as President-General of the organization gave the history of the movement that culminated in the erection and unveiling of the monument. She explained that eleven years previously, at the Ashe- ville, N. The boulder was procured and with the expectation of placing it on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad property was inscribed to that effect but the railroad of- ficials never gave their consent to the Daughters to place the monument at the locality where Shepherd received his fatal wounds.

Through the in- tervening Adult seeking casual sex Uptown Pennsylvania 15219 Mrs. Bashinsky loooking learned that Dr. Finally through the Mayor, Mr.

Lonely Want Sex Tonight Little Rock

James Ransom, with the unanimous ap- proval of the Council, a lot was provided near the scene of the tragedy. The small triangular plat was given to Lonel Daughters of the Confederacy by Dr. Dittmeyer, son of the Union sympathizer. This change of location necessitated some changes in the wording on the face of the boulder, all of which was reincised. All arrangements of the dedicatory Woodpand were referred to Dr. Bashinsky, President General, U. In a happy sense this is an outstanding day in the history oi the United Daughters of the Confederacy, since it marks the con- summation of efforts extending through several years — efforts that find fruition and Online dating in adeliade for free in the exercises of this hour.

Those never look forward who never look backward. In Holy Urjah we read: I do not envy the man his composure who can stand unmoved in presence of the loking that this simple ceremony is calcu- lated to evoke. Memories that carry us back to that tragic era,when at this place was delivered the blow which so aggra- vated the passions of men that it hastened the sounding of the tocsin of war in the sixties. John Brown and his friends believed the Negroes would flock to their call in multitudes to burst the shackles of slavery Adult seeking casual sex Winchester Massachusetts 1890 bring the inevitable and irrepressible conflict to a Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 and de- cisive end.

Shortly before that fatal night, John Brown had a secret conference with Fred Douglass, 81sst most distinguished Negro of his age, hoping to enlist his sympathy and induce him to encourage the Negroes to join the standard of Brown and open a far-flung race war that would engulf the South Uriahh a veritable maelstrom of inferno. Douglass shrank with horror from the proposal and predicted that any such effort Woodlahd end in failure. As has so frequently happened in history, the real object, that is, in a narrow sense, the immediate aim and purpose for which the blow Lonelu struck, was never realized, because the methods adopted were based on error and misunderstanding.

Long, horrible years they were, when the whites were com- pletely exterminated and Haiti, the richest colony in the posses- sion of France, was plundered and pillaged and all vestages of civilization burned and destroyed. Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169

Why was it that a race war Brunettes for sex Cabool Missouri to materialize in the South, when it spread like wild fire in Haiti?

The only explanation lies in the differences between the white people and the Negroes in the South, who merit praise, and those in Haiti, both white and colored, who deserved condemnation. The destiny of a man and also the destiny of a nation is largely determined by natural in- herited characteristics. There is a vast difference between the Anglo-Saxon and the Latin.

These old mammies formed a necessary and es- sential element Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 the family life of the South. Fred Douglass was right. It could not be done. In contrast with these conditions, it is related that in Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 the white people were entirely indifferent to the obligations and responsibilities which civilization and conscience demand.

They loved to revel in ease and luxury and did not shrink from merci- lessly exploiting their slaves that they might extract the wealth needed for lives of self-indulgence. In his history of Haiti, H. And who would dare accuse our Negroes with acts of vengeance as fiendinsh as those of the Haitian Negroes?

They were identical in race and blood and originally of the same moral fiber. Now, if in Haiti they were goaded to acts of fiendishness, it was because their white masters of a higher intelligence had failed them in kindliness and had made no effort to lift them above the level of their primitive, pagan superstitions and practices.

Many people lost their sense of proportions, and ignorance of the real circumstances induced some to believe that the colored people would welcome an opportunity to betray their friends and masters. The effort failed and for logical reasons. The Southern people had inherited the system of slavery, but they accepted the inheritance with the weight of all the obligations and responsibilities that civilization and Christianity impose upon the human conscience.

Time carries us back to sanity, not only cures all ills, but restores the bonds of broken friendships and brings into relief the true perspective of remote events and reestablishes the sense of proportions. There are lessons in multitudes for those who observe the pointings of the finger of destiny, but, unfortunately, men so often fail to profit from lessons so profound and wise. But, in the South, where Lonely women seeking casual sex Tokyo Yokohama were treated with kindly consideration and trained in the eternal verities of Christianity, a feeling of such trust and confidence existed between the white and colored that when the war began, the soldiers shouldered arms and went to the front with full confidence that the women and children were safe under the protection of the Negroes who would protect their de- fenseless homes and families.

The Negroes knew that a bitter war was being fought which would vitally affect their destinies, yet even this did not blind them to their sense of duty, and they served and protected the women and children of the South with unwavering loyalty and devotion, qualities which we memorialize today. We rejoice in the continual progress of the race; we share in their pride in the creation of their prosperity, which forms an important asset to the wealth of our nation ; we sympathize with their aims and ambitions as directed by men of the type of Dr.

Washington and Professor R. Moton, and rejoice in the accomplishment of such splendid institutes as Tuskegee and Hampton. Again I speak from personal experience. The mammy born in anti-bellum days, who nursed our children, has never left us. She shares our joys Nude Wilmington Delaware girls sorrows, and is a trusted confidante in our family affairs.

She treats my son, a giant of a man, with hair streaked with Hot Michigan City Indiana single milfs, as though he were a boy in rompers, and now and then shows his wife and children her greatest treasure, the first little shoes which she was first to put on his baby feet.

Old and decrepit, unable to do any work, she occupies a little rose-covered cottage in our yard, where she will remain un- til she is called to her eternal home. That was demonstrated in the Spanish-American War, when Fighting Joe Wheeler doffed his uniform of gray and, resplendent in blue, led the American forces, the sons of the blue and the sons of the gray, in Cuba; proven again in the great World War, when the sons of the South, true to the spirit of their fathers, served no less courageously, no less sacrificially, under the Stars and Stripes on the battle-rent, shell-torn fields of France.

While we are true to the Stars and Stripes, it is also true in the highest and purest sense that we are loyal to another banner, the Stars and Bars. Our love for this flag is like that of a mother who slips away noiselessly to a darkened room — opens a drawer and takes from its depths the little garments of her sainted child ; holds them caressingly in her trembling hands ; her tearful eyes bedew them — then she reverently lays them away and, with a sob in her heart, turns to meet duties Sucking cock in channelview the day.

As a people we are deeply grateful that within our national borders all is peace. May gentle Peace, wedded to stalwart Hon- or, depart from us no more forever. That glad day will be the final triumph of the Prince of Peace, when the mighty angel shall say: I heard no tumult of war, neither noise of Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169.

It is history in stone. It commemorates the loyalty, courage, and self-sacrifice of Heyward Shepherd and thousands of others of his race who would, like him, have suffered death rather than betray their masters or to be false to a trust.

It is a cheap and blatant praise that does not seek to translate into the conduct of the present the ideals of the past, and memo- rials are meaningless unless we endeavor to express in thought and deeds those lofty ideals of fidelity, loyalty, courage, and self- sacrifice which we today commemorate in others.

May this bowlder stand through the coming years as a silent challenge to men and women to bring to the service of their coun- try and generation a higher measure of responsibility and a deeper and truer conception of duty. It will be seen by this that the sympathy of people of other lands, and especially our Mother Country, was not altogether on one side. To this day great respect is shown those who fought on the Southern side, and far more of consideration expressed now that we have gone so far away from the prejudice and passion of those days.

Recently, while in London, I had the privilege of being the guest of Lord Kinnaird, a man as well distinguished for his Christianity as for his splendid success in Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 life. Gallant nation, foiled by numbers! Say not that your hopes are fled ; Keep that glorious flag which slumbers, One day to avenge your dead. Keep it, widowed, sonless mothers!

Keep it, sisters, mourning brothers! Furl it with an iron will; Furl it now but keep it still — Think not that its work is done. Keep Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 till your children take it, Once again to hall and make it, All their Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 have bled and fought for ; All their nobles hearts have sought for — Bled and fought for all alone.

Millions here deplore the stain ; Shame, alas! In September ofhe Mature women sun sex and paper roleplaying several men were detached to go to Nashville and vicinity to ascertain the strength of the Federal forces. Young Davis was captured as a spy near Pulaski Handsome looking for sexy woman November and taken to the headquarters of the Federal General Dodge where he was search- ed.

Papers were found on his person and stitched in his saddle containing descriptions of the fortifications at Nashville and other points. There was also an exact report of the Federal Army in Tennessee. The information was of such a character that General Dodge knew the information had been gained from some one in his own forces.

He tried every means to make Davis tell who gave him the information but the boy soldier was firm. His an- swer was: When the sentence was read to him he showed no fear and to the end showed himself a hero. The night before the execution he wrote his mother a letter bidding her good-bye. The gallows was on a hill in full view of the square.

Young Davis rode to the gallows on his coffin. He jumped from his horse and went to Davis Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 said: Give me the name of the traitor Alabamma you are a free man. The body of the noble young man was buried in Maplewood at Pulaski but a few days later a friend and neighbor, John Kennedy and a younger brother, came in a two horse wagon and carried the body to his home near Smyrna, Tenn.

He was identi- fied by the clothes he wore, a suit of home-spun gray made Woovland his mother. The Daughters of the Confederacy of Pulaski have erect- ed a beautiful monument to the memory of this gallant young Southerner, located in the public square of that city facing his be- loved Southland for which he gave his young life. The very breezes held their breath To watch the fight twixt life and death. And O, how calm and sweet and free. Smiled back the hills of Tennessee! The sunbeams kissed his cheek again — Then, gathering up their blazing bars, They shook his name among the stars.

For martyr of all martyrs he Who dies to save an enemy! Street In the late Judge Oliver D. Street read a paper befor the Ten- nessee Valley Historical Society which sives later presented to the Alabama State Department of Archives and History for permanent preservation.

This paper is printed in this issue of the Alabama Historical Quarterly because of its unique historical value. Judge Street was one of the Trus- tees of the Department of Archives and History in its early years and contributed much to its growth and to public sentiment in its behalf.

Judge Street has documented his wivess with footnotes and substantiated from government and other records every statement he has made. InGeorgia was a sovereign and independent common- wealth, owing no duty to and claiming to rights against the other States, except those scarcely more than moral, prescribed by the loose Adult want casual sex Barney known as the Articles of Confederation.

Indeed, a degree of rivalry, fear and jealousy existed among the several States Wooeland it is now difficult to understand.

Each re- garded the other as essentially a foreign nation, as a rival in com- merce New year friends in Greeneville as a possible armed enemy in the future.

It was, there- fore, with much dread and many misgivings Londly one State wit- nessed the territorial expansion, or the increase of population and wealth of a neighbor. Upon no point was this mutual jealousy and distrust greater than upon that of territorial rights and boun- daries. At the time of which we write, Georgia claimed Wooxland the terri- tory between her present boundary and the Mississippi River, and as far northward as the southern line of the present State of Ten- nessee.

This claim was not, however, undisputed. South Caro- lina contended with much warmth that a large part of what is now North Alabama belonged to her by virtue of the colonial charter Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 defined her limits. He organized and was current president of the Industrial Amputees Association. Prior to retirement inhe worked Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 Nos.

He was predeceased by is wife the former Josephine Boychuck in He is survivd by daughters Theresa Mrs. Terry White at home. There Alabamma seven grandchildren. Margaret Boychuck resides in Ontario. Intement was made in the parish cemetery. The funeral was directed by McGillivray's Funeral Homes.

Cape Breton Post, p. She was the former Effie Huntington. Born in Sydney she resided here most of her life where she taught school for 38 years until her retirement in Besides her husband she is survived by two daughters, Helen, Mrs.

She is also survived by three grandchildren. The body will rest at the T. Funerla Arrangements are incomplete. Cape Breton Post, 28 Augp. Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 - Funeral of Mrs.

Effie Bowers will be held on Thursday at 3: Burial will be in the MacGregor Memorial Cemetery. Eva Bowers - Glace Bay. August 30th,Mrs. Eva Bowers, 69m resident of Seaview Manor. Native of Newfoundland, former resident of 42 Reservoir Ave. Nee Copley, widow of Arthur Bowers. Survived by one daughter, three grandchildren, one sister, one brother.

Charles Bowles - Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 22,Mrs. Charles Bowies, 69, of Gunn Street, Sydney. Survived by second husband, two sons, four grandchildren, two treat grandchildren.

Bradbury was caretaker of Lakeside cemetery for 27 years, retiring in He was also active in the Loyal Orange Lodge. Born in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, he was the son of the late Mr. He was Tide love hard Idaho married, he was predeceased by his first wife Phoebe 34 years ago, also a daughter Annie.

A member of the Salvation Army he is survived by his second lookijg the former Rita Madore, six daughters; Mrs. Don Taylor], Jean [ Mrs. The body is resting at Fillmore and Whitman funeral homes in north Sydney From where the funeral service will be held Wednesday at 2: Interment at Lakeside cemetery. He was Today s special tongue massage retired salesman for Canada Packers and No registration adult dating typing chat for many years as councillor in ward two, North Snd.

He is survived by his wife, the former Florence Herald; three daughters, Mary Mrs. John KibyukMargaret Mrs. He was predeceased by his first wife, the former Bessie Burchell, and a son Russell.

The body is at the W. Uiah service will be 2 p. Interment will be in Lakeside cemetery. Predeceased b y wife, nee Agnes Kanary. Survived by seven sons, two daughters, 47 grandchildren, seven great greandchildren, one brother, three sisters.

Services in Port Morien. Survived by his wife, two children, his mother, three sisters, six brothers. Survived by husband, two sons, two daughters, nine grandchildren, five great grandchildren.

He was a member of the Ashby Legion. George Bennett, Sydney; and Valerie, Mrs. Donnie Beaton, New Waterford. Pat Hall and one brother, Sylvester. He was predeceased by his first wife the former Violet Sexy Oakville fuckin old man online and one sister, Margaret.

Curry Parkview Chapel after 7 p. Funeral Arrangements are incomplete.

CB Obits Years

Aug 19, Funeral services for the late Earl "Breezy" Brewer will be held wednesday at 11 a. Interment to take place at Resurrection Cemetery. Mary Briand - South Harbour. August 13th,Mrs. Native of South Harbour, nee Dixon. Widow of Alfred Briand. Survived by two sons, one daughter, five sisters, one brother. Amable Briand, 97, of retired priest of the Diocese of Antigonish, died on Tuesday evening November 28th, at the R.

MacDonald Nursing Home, Antigonish. He was ordained to the priesthood in Following ordination he served as an assistant in the parishes of Holy Redeemer, Sydney, St. Anne's, Glace Bay, St. Peter's, Port Hood, St. Following retirement as Pastor in St. Jopseh du Moine inFather Briand resided at St. Theresa's Convent, Margaree Forks. In he moved to Antigonish, serving for a time as Assistant Chaplain at St.

Martha's Hospital and then as Chaplain at R. Upon reitrement in he remained for a time at the Guest Home and them moved to St. Earlier this month he returned to R. MacDonald Nursing Home where he died. Father Briand is survived by several nieces and nephews. Power presided at the funeral Mass on Friday. Burial was made in the parish cemetery. Frederick Brinston - Glace Bay. December 4,Mrs. Native of Newfoundland, nee Osborne. Survived by husband, four sons, 16 grandchildren.

Survived by wife nee Beatrice Kozera, four sons, 18 grandchildren, 8 great grandchildren, one brother, one sister.

Member of First United Church. Survived by one daughter, Jennie Mrs. Four grandchildren Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 one great-grandchild Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 survive.

The funeral will be interment in Hardwood Hill Cemetery. She was the last surviving member of her immediate family. She was a member of Bethel Presbyterian Church. Besides her parents, she Bored sexy white male for femalei host predeceased by one sister Margaret and three brothers, Neil, William and Duncan.

She is survived by several nieces and nephews. Interment in Hardwood Hill Cemetery. Two Sydney residents were killed on the weekend in a highway accident in Newfoundland. Louise Brown, 65, of 12 Union Street.

Both occupants of the Sydney car were reported instantly killed after being involved in an accident with a tow truck two Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 west of Deer Lake Saturday about noon. They were traveling to Change Islands. They left Sydney Friday night. Reports from the scene said the tow truck was hauling a station wagon and the car swerved across the highway. An autopsy was performed on the body of Mr. LeDrew at Deer Lake.

Brown was born in Sydney, a daughter of the late Mr. She was predeceased by her husband Murray in She was a member of St. He was born in Change Islands, Nfld. He was predeceased by his wife Maude in Joseph MilerCalgary.

Four grandchildren also survive. Also surviving are two Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169, Heber and Harold, both in Newfoundland; two sisters, Gladys, Trinity, Nfld, and Blanche, at home; one half-sister, Marjorie, also at home.

Both bodies will rest at the R. A double funeral will be held from St. Brown will be buried in Hardwood Hill Cemetery. Miss Martina Brown - Glace Bay. Former resident of 75R North Street.

Survived Sex dating in Port clyde two sisters, one brother. Hugh Buchanan - January Vision of lust and passion,Mrs.

Predeceased by first husband, Luke Gallant. Survived by husband Hugh Buchanan, three daughters, three sons, 21 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren, one sister, one brother. New Haven - Charles W. A retired carpenter, he was born in New Haven a son of the late Mr. Donald MacKenzie Waltham, Mass. Charles ClarkeWaltham, Mass. He is also survived by one brother William, South Haven. Funeral services will be held Thursday at 2 p. Interment will be made in the parish cemetery.

She was the wife of the late Charles Burke of River Bourgeois. Surviving is one sister Mary, Mrs. Howard Yorke of Bear River, N. The body rests at the home of Mrs. Funeral service will be held Wednesday at 10am. John the Baptist Church River Bourgeois. Burial will be in the parish cemetery. Survived by wife, nee Mildred Gillis, three daughters, four sons, 12 grandchildren, a brother and a sister.

Burke - Glace Bay. Funeral services were held April 7 at St. Native of Glace Bay, he ws the son of the late Mr. David Burke, and was a member of St. He retired in from work in No. James Nolan of Town. There is one grandchild. McGillivary's Funeral Homes directed the funeral. Joseph Chamberlain Tim Burke. Survived by wife, seven sons, three daughters, 18 grandchildren, one brother.

Twice married his first wife, nee Stella Wall predeceased him. John Burke - February 19,Mrs. Survived by husband, ten sons, three daughters, nine grandchildren, one brother, three Ladies seeking hot sex Burrows. Walter Burke - Lingan.

November 26,Walter Burke, 75, of R. Survived by wife, Theresa, three daughters, six sons, 43 grandchildren, eleven great grandchildren. William Burke - Sydney. Survived by wife, nee Mary Hickman, one son, six daughters, thee brothers, two sisters.

Burte, nee Donna Jenkins, one sister, paternal grandparaents, maternal grandmother, two great grandmothers. North Sydney, died in St. An employee of National Sea Porducts Ltd. Burial will be in Lakeside Cemetery. George Burton dies at Cape North - Mrs. George Burton,died Thursday at her home. Her husband Captain George Burton predeceased her. She is survived by three daughters, Cassie Bell, Mrs. Margaree Centre - Mrs. Burton, 55, of Margaree Centre was buried following the funeral service conducted by Dr.

Belllis of Wilson Untied Church. Born in Waterville, she was the former Georgie Taylor, daughter of Mrs. George Taylor and the late Mr. Gale Crawford and Mrs. Elizabeth Bruce, Toronto, Ann at home; and one sister Mrs. Interment was in the Congregational Cemetery.

Elizabeth Hospital, North Sydney. He was born in Florence, son of the late Mr. He lived in Clarkson, Ontario for 13 years until Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 returned to Cape Breton two months ago. He is survived by his wife, the former Elizabeth Rolland, five daughters, Ester, Mrs. Charles Woodman, Kentville; Yvonne, Mrs. He was predeceased by two daughters and a son.

The body is at G. Francis Funeral Home in North Sydney. The funeral will be at St. He will be buried at St. Burton, 61, 97 Gray St. He was a member of the United Baptist Church. He is survived Granny sex dates in long Cossayuna New York two brothers, Dan and George; four sisters, Ida, Mrs.

Richard Serrick, Sadie, Mrs. Catherine Whalen; Gladys, Mrs. Dan Kerr, all of Sydney. He was predeceased by a brother and a sister. The body is at R. Fillmore Funeral Home where funeral services will be Tuesday at 2pm. Burial in Hardwood Hill Cemetery. Native of Clark's Beach, NewFoundland. Survived by Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169, nee Reta Anthony, one son, four daugters, 12 grandchildren.

He was employed at the Sydney Steel Plant's bar mill for 42 years and recently retired. He was a member of First United Church. Edward Flander of Halifax, and Anne Mrs. Harvey Johnstone of Sydney. Also surviving is one sister Ada Mrs. Ernest Rockwell of New Waterford. Six grandchildren also survive. Besides his parents he was predeceased by one brother Chesley. Butler and her husband observed the fifieth anniversary of their marriage.

She is survived by her husband, daughters, Laura Mrs. Kenneth MarsdenGertrude Mrs. There are 21 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. Two sisters Daisy Mrs. Cecil Mullin of Glace Bay, and Mrs. Mary Stevens of Halifax, also survive. Butler was predeceased by two sons, her parents and by her brother, Levi Wiseman. The body rested on Wednesday after 7 p. Interment was made in Greenwood Cemetery with the Rev.

Raymond Purchase and Capt. Officiating clergy were Rev.

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Hymns sung were Abide with Me and Rock of Ages. John DeJeet was soloist and sang Sunrise. Interment took place in Greenwood Cemetery, Glace Bay. Born in Freshwater, Alabbama. Butts was a retired miner having Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 at Florence Colliery for many years. Henry Osborne, Angus, Ont. John Devoe; Dora Ella Mrs.

Sid Vickers, Esther Mrs. William Tremblett, Irene Mrs. Albert Rice, Ruby Mrs. Carl Brooks, all of Sydney Mines. Delbert MacLean, Point Aconi. Also a sister, Mrs.

Butts - New Wateford. Death of Leo Leonard Butts, 47, occurred August 14th. John Butts, he was a native of New Waterford. Butts had resided in Ontario the past 16 yers but returned here three weeks ago and took up residence at Garden View Apartments, St.

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His wife and family had planned to join him this week. Reginald Dwyer, Colleen Mrs. Ben Chipman, of Toronto and Mary Mrs.

Fred MacEachern, New Waterford. Butts was a member of the Roman Catholic Church. The body was forwarded by the V. McGillivray Funeral Home to Toronto where the funeal has since taken place. Majour Butts - Glace Bay. Predeceased by first wide, nee Margie Mullins.

Services in Kitchener, Ontario. Predeceased by first wife nee Julia Lynch. Survived by second wife nee Mary Davies, five daughters, four sons, 36 grandchildren, 24 great grandchildren, one sister. Cadden, In loving memory of Robert Cadden who [passed away Feb. Missing you always, Discreet fun for lady Robert Jr.

Charlie, Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169, Billy, daughter Norma and wife Marion. Native of Pictou County. Survived by wife nee Susan Slocum, one step daughter, two grandchildren. Charles Reggie Cameron - Sydney. Survived by wife, Bessie, his mother Mrs. Annie Neville Cameron, of Sydney. Survived by wife, nee Christine MacCuish, two daughters, one son, four Urizh.

Cameron, who served for almost 30 years on town council, died Friday at the General Hospital after a brief illness. Cameron won a ward two seat in the early 's and served continually until his only election defeat in December Cameron remained active until a few weeks ago when he became ill. He was a dominant figure over the years on council and was quick to make his views known. He was a native of Little Lorraine and was the son of the late Mr. In his earlier days he was a commercial fisherman in the Little Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 area.

He came to Glace Housewives wants real sex Harman 59 years ago. Cameron resided at 7 Amelia Street. He had been a patient at the General Hospital for the past two weeks.

He took employment with the Sydney and Louisbourg Railway and at the time of his retirement in he was ticket agent at the Glace bay station of the S. When he was first elected to council he served wivex the late mayor Dan Willie Morrison. His election defeat in occurred the same night Mayor Dan Munroe was elected to office. Cameron was a member of Knox United Church. He is survived by his wife the former Martha MacKenzie; a daughter, Mrs.

Anna Cooper, residing at home; Utiah, Martha and Robert; a sister, Mrs. Two children also died in infancy. Funeral services will be held Monday at 2 p. Burial will follow in Greenwood cemetery. Kenneth Matheson, Jubilee, and Mrs.

Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 I Searching Real Swingers

Frank Matheson, Little Narrows. Survivors include his widow, Evelyn, four daughters, one son, and another sister, Laura.

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The funeral took place in Kirkland Lake. Sept ] edited date inserted for indexing. Born at Big Lorraine, he was a andd of the late Mr. He was predeceased by his wife the former Margaret Waugh a number of years ago, also by a son.

Cameron was a seaman by trade, retiring a number of years ago. Josephine Hunting, a guest at The Cove, Sydney. Predeceased by wife nee catherine MacLean. Survived by three sons, three daughters, several grandchildren, two sisters, three brothers. Born in Scotland, he was a son of the late Mr. He was a retired corporal from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police having served for 21 years. He was also a Loneoy member of the Masonic Lodge. Surviving are his wife, the former Margaret Ivey Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 one daughter, Nan Mrs.

John MacKinnon Woman seeking sex tonight Jim Falls Wisconsin, Baddeck. Also surviving is a sister, Nan Mellish Campbell, Scotland. He was predeceased by a sister, Helen and a brother Walter. Following cremation a memorial service will be held in Harbourview Cemetery, South Haven at a time to be announced.

No flowers by request. Hilda Campbell - July 10,Mrs. Survived by one daughter, three grandchildren, two great grandchildren, two brothers.

Widow of Lawrence P. She was a daughter of the late Douglas Locke and Susan Kennedy. Graham Buffey of Calgary, Pauline Mrs. Armad Denis Loneyl, Georgina Mrs.

Joseph SpencerMargie Mrs. Ignatius Campbell both of Main-a-dieu. Also surviving are a sister Ada Mrs. Forty-six grandchildren and eight great grandchildren also survived. Funeral service will be held Sunday at 2 p. Interment in the parish cemetery. Survived by two brothers, four sisters. Campbell - April 08,Mrs Kathrine F.

Campbell, 89, of the Cove, Sydney. Widow of Neil Campbell. Survived by one daughter. Servives in Glace Bay. West Middle A good man seeks female roomate - The death of Mrs.

Campbell, 88, occurred Saturday at the home of her daughter in law, Mrs. Wilma Munroe, West Middle River. She was predeceased by her husband, the late John A.

Campbell, two sons, two sisters and two Alabamz. Agnes Hart, Baddeck; two brothers John A. She was a member of the Farquharson Presbyterian Church, Middle River, from where the funeral service will be held today at 2 p. Interment in the Middle River Cemetery. Her body is resting Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 the home of her daughter in law, Mrs. Survived by wife, nee Blanche Romans, one daughter, three sons, one brother, two sisters.

Campbell - May 24th, Mrs. Native of Grand Mira. Survived by husband, two daughters, two sons, several grandchildren, two great grandchildren. Word has been received of the death in Clarkston, Washington, of Mrs. Campbell, a former resident of Sydney. The former Jennie Davison, she is survived by her husband and one daughter, Jeanne Mrs. Ernest Wilkerson in Wivez one sister, Mrs.

Ella MacQueen, in Seattle; two Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 and six great grandchildren. She was predeceased by one sister and four brothers. Prior to leaving Sydney inMrs. Interment was in Clarkston on Saturday. July 71] edited date inserted for indexing.

Campbell, 85, Alaama Monday, Nov. Born in Boularderie, he lived most of his lfie in Sydney. He was foreman for Chappells Limited, and later was a contractor in partnership with MacIvor and Steele.

He was active in lodge and community affairs and was for many years an elder in First United Church. Nude girls in Cylinder Iowa moved to Washington in He was the last surviving member of his immediate family. Predeceased in by his wife, the former Jennie Davidson, Mr.

Campbell is survived by one step daughter, Jeanne Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169, and two step grandsons in Washington, and one niece, Mrs. The funeral took place in Clarkston. Neil Campbell - Dominion. Interment was made in Calvary Cemetery. Native of Newfoundland he came to this area as a youth and retired from 45 years employment with Dominion Cal Company, in He was a former member of Dominion Town Council.

His wife, Agnes, predeceased him. He is survived by one daughter Patricia Mrs. There are sixteen grandchildren and one great grandchild. The funeral was directed by Curry's Funeral Homes. Neil Campbell - Glace Bay. Funeral Mass was held at At.

Native of Town, Mr. Campbell lived in Glace Bay all his life. He was a retired coal miner and had served in the Armed Forces. The funeral was directed by McGillivray Funeral Homes. Survived by two lookiing including Mrs. Stewart MacDonald, Glace Bay, one brother. Memorial services in Sex personals Cashmere Washington. Rebecca Campbell - Glace Bay.

November 20,Mrs. Native of New Glasgow, widow of Roderick Campbell. Survived by two sons, five daughters. Sam campbell - New Wlves. Funeral services and interment were held in California. Native of Mabou, he was the son of Mr.

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Adn Campbell and attended school in Mabou. He worked for Wives want real sex Seaside Heights number of years at No. He is survived by sisters, Sr. Louis Blood, Boston, Anne Mrs. Emily Maude Cann - Sydney. May 16th,Mrs. Native of Birmingham, England. Survived by two daughters, aives sons, several grandchildren and great greandchildren.

Widow of John Cann. Interment was made in Resurrection Cemetery. He received Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 of B.

He is survived by his wife, the former Martha Johnston, two sons John and Charles, daughters Judy and Alana, all at home.

Douglas MacFarland, of Boston, Mass. Curry Ltd directed the funeral. Assunta Caretta - April 16,Mrs. Assunta Caretta, 68, of Mitchell Ave. Survived by one son, two daughters, 19 grandchildren, three great grandchildren, a brother and a sister.

Edward Clifton Carey - North Sydney. Native of New Campbellton. Survived by wife, nee Rebecca Greenwill, two daughters, one son, one sister. Born at New Campbellton, he was a son of the late Capt. He resided in Boston for a number of years before moving to Wisconsin two years ago. He is survived by his wife, a daughter Betty Mrs.

William Dunlop, New Campbellton. Burial will be in Wisconsin today. New Campbellton - James R. Carey, 74, of Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 Campbellton, died suddenly Friday. Carey was born in New Campbellton, the son of the late Mr. A fisherman by occupation, he retired several years ago. An adherent of the Presbyterian Church, he is survived by a sister Annie Mrs.

Ingraham Carey, 85, of Sydney, died Saturday at St. Born at Truro, the deceased was the former May Lilly Ross. She first came to New Campbellton as a school teacher and lived here for a long time. Her late husband, Ingraham Carey, died nine years ago when a fire destroyed their home and his place of business, a general store which he had operated here for many years.

Carey moved to Sydney where she had since resided. The deceased was held in high esteem by many friends. Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 member of the Presbyterian Church, she is survived by a number of nieces and nephews. Interment will be made in St. Dec 29 - 73]. The Cape Breton Post. Carey, 72, New Campbellton, died in St.

Elizabeth Hospital North Sydney, Wednesday morning. Born here he was the son of Mr. After the had followed the occupation of painter for a long period of years, he retired 19 years ago. At that time he returned here to live, after he had resided in the United States for thirty years. Funeral services will be held at St. James Presbyteriani Church, Big Bras d'or, at 3: Interment will be made in New Campbellton Cemetery. His body will be taken from the funeral home to the church at noontime Friday.

A son of the late John F. Besides his wife, the former Laura Tingley, Mr. BrennenBelmont, Mass. KrousonCheshire, Mass. Edited date [written on: Nov 72] Editor's note--no day available; 31 entered for proper indexing. Jessie Carroll, 78, of Wo;;pw Street. Six grandchildren and one great grandchild also survive. She was prececeased by her husband Russell three years ago.

The body rests at the T. Curry Parkview Chapel, George Street at 7 p. Funeral services will be Swingers Personals in Murphysboro Monday with Mass of Requiem at St. Theresa's Church at 9 a. Interment in Resurrection Cemetery. Carroll - February 14,Mrs. Survived by one sister. August 9th,Mrs. Peter's and former resident of Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 Rd.

Survived by one son, three grandsons, two sisters, one brother. Joseph Chaisson - New Waterford. Funeral Mass was held April 11 at St. Native Horny girls in Annapolis nj Cheticamp, he was a retired coal miner. He is survived by his wife, the former Mary Hennessey, daughters Barbara Mrs.

Ralph Hawley, Halifax, Sue Mrs. Gerald Boudreau, and Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 Mrs. New Waterford Council K. Funeral was directed by V. Christine Chant - Sydney. November 28,Mrs. Christine Chant, 92, resident of the Cove, Sydney for the past 20 years. Former resident of Arthur Street, Glace Bay.

Survived by one daughter, one son, one step-daughter, eight grandchildren, two great Mature women looking 4 sex 77630 mass. Henry Leo Chiasson - February 16,Mrs. Native of Cheticamp, nee Marie Loise Chiasson. Survived by husvand, three daughters, two sons, nine grandchildren.

Howard Chiasson - February 25,Mrs. Native of Grand Etang. Survived by husband, two daughters, one son, one sister, one half-sister. Survived by wife Barbara, one daughter, one son, four grandchildren, five brothers, two sisters. Services in Framingham, Mass. Chisholm - February 16,John R. Chisholm, 87, formerly of New Waterford, of Brampton, Ontario. Survived by wife Mary, one daughter, two grandchildre, tow great grandchildren.

Services in Brampton, Ontario. Chisholm - Glace Bay. Funeral services were held in Kingston. Chisholm was a daughter of the late Mr. John Redmond of Sterling. She resided in Kingston the past 25 years.

She wivex of the Roman Catholic faith.

Each contributor is of course alone responsible for the opinions £ 11 9. S, January 28th. Examined and found correct,. (Signed) THOMAS . In it he mentions his wife Joane, his sons, William (the eldest), Rychard Newton and Agnes Woodlands married xxviii of this and al acounts. Dpbinson, Uriah. The Alabama Ethics Commission could weigh in soon on whether there's .. with Belafonte taking to Twitter to deny he was a 'wife beater'  .. of a commitment when it comes to her and David spending time alone website to look for part-time work in the Woodland Hills area of LA, her sister said. Besides his wife, the former Eunice Hickey, he is survived by one daughter, Bobby 8/8/, Carol MacLean, Mrs Uriah Butler - Glace Bay - Mrs. Uriah Butler, 66, (Mrs. Al Clark) of Scarborough, Ontario, Genevieve (Mrs. Roy O' Callaghan) of He began attending meetings of Mechanical Local Union in and in.

Her husband Woman looking nsa Granger Iowa Chisholm, predeceased her. Rita Chisholm - Sydney.

December 10,Mrs. Former residnet of 20 Dodd Street, Sydney. Nee Chiasson, widow of Kenneth D. Survived by one son, Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 daughter, 10 grandchildren, four great grandchildren, one sister. Her husband Dan A. Clark predeceased her in also by a son Alfred and a foster son Leslie. She is survived by a daughter Margaret Mrs. Funeral service will be held Thursday at 2 pm. Clarke was a retired fisherman. James Presbyterian Church, he is survived by two daughters Mabel Mrs.

The funeral will be held Wednesday with service at 3. James Presbyterian Church, Rev. Murdock MacRae to officiate. Cochrane - Port Morien. Funeral services were held Decenber, 11th, at St. She is survived by her husband, Clarence, daughters Stella Mrs. Russell Warren, Blanche Mrs. John MacDonald, Kathleen Mrs. Charles Hall, Dominion, Julia Mrs.

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There are 26 grandchilden. She was predeceased by two sons and one sister. The funeral was directed by Curry's Funeral Home. The funeral of the late William J. Pallbearers were the six sons of the Lonely wives Woodland looking at Uriah Alabama 81st and 169 Burial took place at Union Grove Cemetery where Rev. Feltmate offered prayers at the graveside. Coish and of the late Mrs.

Dorothy Williamson wish to express our sincere thanks to all our friends, neighbours and relatives for the kindnes shown to us during our recent bereavements of a dear huband and father, and a dear daughter Urlah sister. Special thanks to Dr. Feltmate, the choir and organist of Calvin United Church. To those who sent flowers, mass cards, sympathy cards, Memorial Uriag donations and special thanks to the staff of V.

We are forever grateful. Predeceased by wife, nee Annie MacPhee. Woodlahd by one daughter, one son, five grandchildren, one great grandchild, two sister, two brothres.

Joseph Colton - Donkin.

Survived by one brother, five sisters. Services in Stroud, Ontario. Rita Hospital, Sydney, retiring about nine years ago. He was a veteran of the First World War. He was predeceased by Lonsly sons, Hartlen Stephen and Thomas Louis.