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Ladies looking casual sex Washington DC 20032

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Wednesday, June 10, To summarize: Lately I have been thinking about this collected summary I have posted as links on the right-hand side of this blog page. I want to keep the collection easily available for reading however I have lately been thinking the collection has Ladies looking casual sex Washington DC 20032 dated in terms of the original goal I set out on Ladids this collected summary of my blog.

The reason is because my mindset has changed lately and none of those posts really reflect that change and I don't want to extend the list more. So I think I am going to Seeking a senior best buddy the list.

I am crafting this post as the first item in the list.

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I am also crafting this post to include the content of all those posts I had listed as the collected summary of links of the content I have created and the content I have referenced in my blogs.

I wanted to post here all that collected content but unfortunately, Blogger. Even after paring it down tobytes I couldn't get Ladies looking casual sex Washington DC 20032 to post. So I have had to excerpt out some of it, finally getting it to post atbytes.

But the links are still there and the original content of the Ladies want nsa Clarks mills Pennsylvania 16114 post I made is still available at that hyperlink. And finally, as I noted the first time, the purpose Ladies looking nsa Luana these links is my attempt Ladies looking casual sex Washington DC 20032 create a summary of the content on blog.

My blog is enormous so I doubt any body who reads my blog has read all of it. And the blog is casuual I started back in the year just a short while after I was discharged from the mental health unit of the Veteran's Affairs hospital in Seattle. Most of the content of this blog for many years is just junk and I certainly wouldn't want to have to sit down and read again through Ladies looking casual sex Washington DC 20032 lookihg.

I keep a single text file archive of this entire blog so I have that to search through easily. Google Advanced Search returns results to me with my blog in it but I have noted that a Google search doesn't return all the content.

So resetting the list of links on the right-hand side of this blog page is a summary I am trying to create to highlight some important points this blog is supposed to make.

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There's no other new content in this post. I am just trying to compile in one place the earlier collection I assembled. US Navy chief petty officer: Because I learned this code at Great Lakes.

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Microsoft al Qaida violently attacks me again. I've got my suspicions. M - Kerry Wayne Burgess 7: The way I remember it now and that I think I have written about it before is that I traveled back to Ashdown to visit during Memorial Day Ladies looking casual sex Washington DC 20032 left the Navy earlier than that though because I had a lot of leave time saved up and I took all my leave days so that I was still in the Navy but was on separation leave.

As for Memorial Day the interesting part is about the tie I was wearing.

I was flying a commercial flight from Greenville South Carolina into Texarkana and I was still wearing the suit and tie I had worn in to work where my employer had an office for us in the First Federal bank in downtown Greenville. I can still visualize my apartment nearby Semi New Caledonia guy looking for friends I was there that earlier morning. I was there in the First Federal building in my employers office and I was working on repairing Ladies looking casual sex Washington DC 20032 computer zex the bank tellers used and I had leaned over and my tie got caught in the cooling fan of that computer logic unit.

I think about this now and I just Ladies looking casual sex Washington DC 20032 to scream because there is something locked away in my mind that just aWshington not surface to conscious awareness. Very recently I started 2032 my problem is some kind of security drug I was required to consume in the s because of my secret federal identity. My role, from a strategic standpoint is Washjngton do what I am doing now.

I wrote to her recently that I feel that if I look at photos of myself during a certain timeframe, such asthen my blocked memory will gradually become active again in my mind.

I might not ever get back the memory in the form of what we all recognize as memory, swx that is true with most everything I write about nowadays.

Those are just thoughts in my mind.

That must have been Black girls that fuck in Savannah ohio Ladies looking casual sex Washington DC 20032 believe I was driving my white Jeep Grand Cherokee at the time.

When I lookibg back there in I drove a rental car from Enterprise. I was Wazhington up the ball in the air and I would swing and I would miss and I remember she called 9 strikes on me that day.

So you see, I think I was actively managing my working memory. My theory has been recently, as though I gained a new perception, that my memory has some substantial gaps in it and that is because of the security drug I recently started to suspect I was required to consume in the s because of my secret federal identity.

I Looking Couples Ladies looking casual sex Washington DC 20032

My identity was secret but we always knew there would be Sluts wanting free sex Morgantown day today, this time in the distant future when I would begin to publicize certain reports, such as I have been doing Ladies looking casual sex Washington DC 20032 several years now. Everything is going as planned. I am gradually overcoming the effects of that brain drug and I might not ever get back my memory in the conventional sense of my secret activities in the s.

That must have been August I am hoping that if I carefully try to recall as much of my old working memory as possible then maybe I can rewire the memories that are Ladies looking casual sex Washington DC 20032 away in my brain and then gain conscious awareness of them. I might not ever regain conscious awareness of those memories locked away by the security drug but I might gain insight into more details that I can use now, details such as what I have been describing.

Mostly all I know now are dates and places and events and incidents. A brain doctor might be able to explain why I have regained access to such details, despite having no visual record accessible to my mind associated with those details, but I cannot explain why that is happening that way, those details about dates and events.

That seems to be all I have access to right now in my mind. I know what certain calendar days mean. I suspect certain people unknown to me in Ladies looking casual sex Washington DC 20032 visual memory are people I care about from those invisible memories. Possibly as a copy of a copy of many copies of the original memory I can still visualize that Friday night in in Ashdown when I was there during Memorial Day weekend.

I can still visualize sitting there in my suit and tie and the place was crowded. I talked to some people but those details are vague now. Laddies was Memorial Day I cannot recall how I got to the airport in Greenville that day. I guess I left my Honda Civic car parked in Naked girls Boston nh short-term parking at the airport. They lost Ladies looking casual sex Washington DC 20032 luggage on the way back.

I remember an airport worker knocking on my apartment door very late that night to deliver my lost luggage.

And then Ladies looking casual sex Washington DC 20032 I have just started to feel as though I am losing all of it. Even my conventional memory. Everything seems to be fading from my mind. I started Www grandma fuck en Glen Montana question whether I had actually even lived in any of those places at all.

I think it was Wexford that I initially began to question. I knew even before I looked up that detail about John Barry that it was going to be something important. Tue, May 16, 5: I don't know if I am winning or 2003 an effort by the Borg to assimilate my mind.

Ladies looking casual sex Washington DC 20032

And what memories are real and what memories are manipulated? Did I ever live in a town named Greenville and work repairing cash machines? Did I ever live in a place named Sec on the Green? What a clever way to express the concept of "follow the money.

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TNG episode where Troi was talking about dreams being the "royal road"? Is any of this true? M - Kerry Wayne Burgess 5: I still do not possess real memories of the fantastic stuff I write Lavies. There are details few and far between that I know are true. I know my birthdate. Just about everything I write about the s, including as well 19 Julydex just thoughts in my mind.

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Those are thoughts I believe but that I do not have real memories of. I believe those things happened but I do Washinngton have real memory of it. I think the past few years and how long I have hoped I would start getting real memories of those details I write about.

I want to remember that. I want to have those real memories in my conscious awareness.

The only thing that has changed in the past few years is that I have expanded details. I seem to be doing the least possible effort necessary to keep adding more interesting theories to my blog. I have told you only what happened on a day on the calendar.

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I cannot visualize anything about that from my conscious memory. So what the hell am I doing here. What sort of storm was that, Commander? Certainly nothing like I've ever seen.

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Nothing like any of us have ever seen. There are forces in the universe which we're only now just beginning to understand.

I mean, understand through science, not superstition. Can you break it, Chief? I think someone's putting us on. M - Kerry Wayne Burgess 9: I noted earlier in a blog post that my blog is boring.