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Intelligence and creativity are sexy

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When photos of men were paired with a creative piece of writing, the people in the study rated them, on average, as attractive overall — regardless of whether the photo was that of a good-looking man or an average-looking man, Watkins found.

In creativiyy words, creativity helped boost average-looking men's attractiveness.

But for women, in two of the experiments, it was the physical attractiveness rating that played more a role in their overall attractiveness, according to the study: Women who were deemed good-looking were seen as more attractive overall, regardless of their level of creativity.

Watkins also found, unexpectedly, that creativity made women with average-looking photos even less attractive, and didn't boost the attractiveness of ssexy who were already considered good-looking. The finding that creativity made certain women less attractive may suggest that creative women Intelligence and creativity are sexy are considered average-looking are subtly put down, Watkins wrote.

He wrote that the finding should be taken lightly, however: In one of the three experiments, creativity appeared to enhance the attractiveness of both men and women who were considered average-looking, while it didn't boost the attractiveness of men and women who were already considered good-looking.

In other words, in this experiment, "creativity enhanced the Intelligence and creativity are sexy of both men and women with average-looking faces," Watkins said.

Finally, they completed a personality test and a questionnaire about their own creative achievements. The purpose of the tests and questionnaires was to find correlations between intelligence, personality, and creative achievements and the creative acts each participant preferred.

Do certain types of people find certain forms of creativity sexier than others? Or is one form of creativity universally attractive?

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According to the participants, some of the sexiest creative behaviours are activities like creaitvity music, taking photographs, writing poetry, and performing in a band. Science nerds were attracted to science nerds.

The paper also provides a more nuanced perspective. If we want to understand why creativity is sexy, we must take into account individual differences. Who Finds Bill Gates Sexy?

Half of these descriptions were inventive, others less so. The top-ranked men were those considered to be both physically attractive and creative.

creativity may have been a fortuitous byproduct of the development of other adaptive brain functions, such as general intelligence, memory, and language. Creativity is Sexy, But Not All Types Are Created Equal According to Haselton, creativity and intelligence top the list, and wealth is way down. Creativity Makes Men More Attractive. Personality really is everything. AFP Relaxnews. In the ruthless world of the mating game, plain-looking.

For women, though, the news is not so good. Swipe left - Why would women rate creativity among men so highly?

Imagination and inspiration may be "a proxy for intelligence," he suggested. Jagmeet Singh Wins Crucial B.

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