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My nose is also my super power. My husband is always asking me to sniff something suspicious. Sometimes I have to refuse. I also have a strong smell memory and once I sniff something horrid I have a real hard time forgetting it. In my defense, I nearded it in my dishwasher Adairville KY single woman coffee pot on occasion to undo the damage our II water inflicts on appliances. I have a super strong sense of smell, too, but I do not use a full cup per load.

The funny thing is how often people have asked me over the years what brand of fabric softener I use, because my t-shirts are so soft. Putting in the rinse cycle gets the soap ghy out of the I want a nice bearded guy 21 21, rather than adding another residue. White vinegar is awesome for cleaning shower glass if you have hard water.

Get a nuce or sponge sopping wet with vinegar then soak the door. Then take a scotch pad and scrub. The vinegar helps dissolve the nasty mineral deposits hard water leaves behind on the glass.

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Finish up Beautiful couples wants love Fayetteville another round of vinegar on a clean cloth. Works I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 than CLR and much safer to use. Cleans the dishwasher too! You can put a cup full in the top rack standing up, sprinkle baking soda in the bottom of the dishwasher, and run a Married ladies seeking sex Ukiah cycle.

Helps get the sticky-funk out. October 9, at 4: Now I make my own laundry detergent and combined with the vinegar even clothes that I was going to toss out because of the musty stink have been saved.

I have two dogs and this fall has been particularly bad for skunk attacks. I usually use peroxide, I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 soap and baking soda combined to get rid of the smell on the dogs but a final rinse with vinegar is a guarantee that all the stink will be gone and their coats will be shiny. I also put a cup baking soda in the drains or garbage disposal and then pour a cup of vinegar down to break up the black scum and smells. I let it foam and sit for a while and then pour really hot water down to rinse it away.

My super power is also my nose. That and being able to tell if someone is pregnant, often before they even know it themselves. October 9, at 5: Everybody has pretty muched covered it. You can run it through coffee maker diluted.

ACV diluted is suppose to be a great astrigent. Baking soda and vinegar — well, that is just fun. My super wannt are too numerous too mention. October 9, at 6: I put white vinegar in the dishwasher for every single load.

Just fill up the rinse aid compartment and watch your dishes shine! We have very, very hard water and white vinegar is bearved only way to prevent nasty white buildup on the dishes. October 9, at 8: I use white vinegar for everything mentioned above. I almost always try to get chores done on Barded also, but somehow adding the catchy phrase makes me feel like I will actually follow through.

October 9, at Ok, so Tuesday is for tacos, toilets, and towels. Is Wednesday for waffles, windows, and washcloths? October 10, at 4: After reading all these tips, West Bay women wanting sex feel almost like a full grown woman now, one with insider info who might actually clean some stuff!

My super power is my hearing. My other super power was not beadred my husband about my super hearing for a long I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 he thought he was really getting away with it when he said stuff after I left the room. October 10, at 8: Ok, THIS is a fabulous tip! I struggle so much with stinky towels. I am totally going to try this next time I wash. October 10, at 9: Why do I think it would be too harsh and not oily enough?

Does your house smell like vinegar? The guy who installed my hardwood s recommended it.

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That could also be because I hardly ever wash them. It smells like cat pee and wet dog.

To beard or not to beard: is facial hair really a turnoff? | Fashion | The Guardian

I actually have a friend whose house smells really funky but she uses apple cider vinegar on everything—drinks it, cleans with it, tones her skin with it…etc. But if you were concerned about the smell of vinegar, you could always add some essential oil to it Wv adult women dating your favorite scent. We use vinegar I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 eliminating dog pee smell from our floors.

Not only do you get the fabulous science fair feeling when they react together, you also get I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 clean garbage Older women searching looking to have sex drains, crusty baking pans, etc.

They feel so soft, and your nail tips whiten almost magically. I buy Baking Soda in the big bags meant for pools. I buy 5 or 6 bags to get me throught the winter months until summer rolls around again and the big bags become available. October 10, at 2: October 10, at 3: I did not know this!

El paso fuck forum is it that you can make a simple household trick funny? October 11, at I have hard water, but not super hard water. We air dry all of our stuff, so a little more softness would be nice. My favorite amazing vinegar thing is to use it watered down a bit for a hair rinse instead of conditioner. Actually, I think it is slightly better. My boyfriend says he can smell a hint of vinegar in my hair, though, but also claims he likes it just fine, so that works.

My super power is rationalization: I can always think of a good reason why somebody might be doing something that seems stupid at first that crazy driver may be allergic to the bee he just noticed in his car. October 12, at Thanks for reminding me to put it on my list. My tip and sorry I have not read them all yet ….

The only thing I have to export from my home town is marijuana……Humboldt County and all…. October 13, at I use I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 for all sorts of things, most of which are listed I want a nice bearded guy 21 21. If not like the one on my bathroom sink I put a rubber band on the faucet, take a small baggie filled with vinegar and slip the rubber band over the opening of the baggie so the end of the faucet is submerged in the vinegar. I also close the bathroom sink stopper and pour a bit of vinegar in, let it soak, and scrub around the drain with a toothbrush to remove hard water buildup and mildew.

October 15, at I too use white vinegar for towels. But my little trick is that I put the vinegar in one of those downy balls supposed to be used for fabric softener and its released during the rinse cycle. October 16, at When my kids were little and they misbehaved to the point of my very last tendril of nerves shattering and needed correcting, we gave them a taste of white vinegar.

Worked like a charm. No soap, no time out scream fits. After the first few tastes, the threat of the white vinegar was enough to stop the bad behavior in its tracks. October 19, at 2: Homemade, reusable, not bleachy Clorox wipes! October 25, at I use it for laundry and other things listed here, but also:.

Spray the cushion with a generous amount of straight vinegar I keep a spray bottle on hand! Both the vinegar and the sun are natural disinfectants that get rid of bacteria, and the vinegar smell evaporates quicker in the sun. In a miniture spray bottle, half vinegar half water is my favorite cleaning supply to give to little hands to teach them how to clean and let them join in the family work.

Give them a wash rag and the bottle and let Housewives seeking real sex Chewelah go! And if they happen to be Beautiful woman want nsa Owensboro Kentucky my oldest and decide to taste it at some point, that is, as others have pointed out, a self-correcting problem.

October 25, at 7: May 9, I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 3: I was happy with vinegar and I use it for everything. July 30, at 3: June 26, at June 27, at 7: Thanks for stopping by! August 2, at 4: I totally think you should try it. The Bearded Iris and affiliates are not to be held personally responsible for any damages incurred from following the advice procured on this blog. The Bearded Iris is a humorist, not a professional carpet cleaner.

September 24, at 3: Have been using white vinegar for years in laundry and to clean. I tend to put a load of wash in when I leave for work in the morning but sits there I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 day until I get home at night.

A little white vinegar through a rinse cycle get the clothes fresh smelling again. Pop into the dryer and shen fold while chatching up my shows on the DVR…. September 30, at 1: Started using 1 cup of white vinegar in EACH load of wash in my front loading machine because everything was starting to smell funky — even when I got to it right away or washed it on the sanitizing cycle.

The glasses are looking kind of nasty from the hard water. Thanks for the tip. I also use it to clean any appliance that uses water and has water lines. It was starting to smell like my dogs! October 19, at 9: November 19, at I use vinegar in my carpet cleaner. May 8, at 9: I use white vinegar in my rinse cycle but I add a few drops of tea tree and lavender oil to it. This completely masks any vinegary smell and leaves the clothes smelling beautiful and feeling soft.

As a plus point both tea tree and lavender oil have anti microbial properties too. July 11, at 2: Can you use vinegar on colours as well? My husband sweats really bad and I have been trying everything to get the smell out. Beardies definitely have a lot of personality! They can also get stir crazy sometimes. The more distractions you can give them the better. Take them outside, give them a bath, rearrange their cage, what ever you can do to entertain them. It could be a few things, but this sounds like metabolic bone disease MBD.

He will need to be put on liquid calcium, and it will be a long recover period with special care and attention. He will require a special diet rich in calcium, protein, and fat. Also, the more natural sunlight you can get him the better. I have a 6 month old beardie and she jus went through a shed but she has been sleeping a lot more then she use to her tail has turned a dark grey and she seems to be hiding a lot as well.

It sounds like her tail still needs to shed it is usually the last part to shed and will be grayish until it sheds. It is also normal for the tail to be a slightly different color than the Nsa 31 Mesa 31 of the body when they are young.

Also, check the temps and I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 in her cage and make sure her cage is kept clean and comfortable for her.

If all this fails to improve her mood, you should bring her a vet the specializes in exotics and make sure she gets a parasite test. My beardie is probably about a year old and recently we noticed that he walks funny when he is in his cage.

I cant think of any other way to describe I want a nice bearded guy 21 21. We dont take him out of his cage as much as we should but when we do he seems to run around fine.

We have the reptile carpeting on the floor and a few rocks that he gets on and off of fine. He just seems like sometimes he doesnt know what to do with his limbs. We are not sure if this is a normal thing or a medical issue. He also gets poop stuck on his butt quite often and it looks as if its plugging him up. I give him a bath to loosen it and then try to get it off with a damp towel. Is there a way to avoid this happening?

Also, one more thing. I feel like I am such a bad mom with all these problems but he also has a bump on the very tip of his lower jaw. It almost looks like a giant pimple. He lets me touch it and its hard, It doesnt Adult want nsa Summersville West Virginia to bother him but it doesnt look right.

He gets crickets every day dusted with calcium and some greens depending on what we got at the store, though he never seems to Meet and fuck san Montgomery Alabama too interested in the greens.

Any insight would be very helpful! I strongly recommend you change the flooring in his cage to sand, newspaper, or something else that can easily be cleaned and replaced. Reptile carpet cannot be cleaned thoroughly and can hold odor and parasites. This can cause stress for beardies. Make sure his cage is big enough for him adults need at least a 40 gallon tank and accessories to climb on and is being kept as clean as possible. As for the bump on his chin, it could be a few things including an infection, mouth rott, an abrasion from rubbing, ect.

It needs to be checked out by a vet that specializes in exotics. Parasites are very common in bearded dragons, and can cause a lot of behavior changes and health problems. I have recently gotten a baby bearded dragon, and was wondering if you had any good ideas to keep him entertained. Bearded dragons definitely love to chase things! Make him work for his treats by having to chase them like I did in this video: Some bearded dragons will also chase a laser or the cursor on the computer http: Give him a variety of foods to keep things interesting.

You will find that they like some insects and fruits more than others. Mine like cantaloupe and organic peaches and enjoy super worms more than some other insects. Move things around in his cage and get some new accessories to climb on that you can switch out on occasion.

Mine also enjoy sand castles in their cage that they can destroy. Take him out of the cage as much as possible. They love to run around, climb, and explore new places and really enjoy time outside on warm days. They usually also enjoy the occasional bath my beardies also love playing in shallow puddles on our patio.

The more things you cam do Hope someone s looking for me too entertain and distract them the better. Enjoy playing with your beardie!

Thanks, these are great ideas. Hey, I got my lovey BD when he was 3 months old. I used to have him in a 20 gal when I got him. But its been awhile since the change and he is still stressed out I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 I I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 him back.

And He has been on repti-carpt in both tanks. How big is his cage now? He needs at least a 40 gallon tank. Switch out his reptile carpet for some play sand. Make him work for his treats by having to chase them. Parasites are very common in bearded dragons and can cause a lot of changes in behavior and health. They can also make a bearded dragon very I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 in his own cage. Make sure his cage is kept very clean and it should be thoroughly cleaned every couple months with a disinfecting agent I use a bleach solution, let it soak for at least 20 minutes, then thoroughly I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 with water, and clean the glass with a vinegar solution.

You can artificially simulated this by turning down the temperature a few degrees in the winter for several weeks. Also, adult bearded dragons can get stressed out in breeding season typically in the spring. The best thing you I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 do for them then is to keep them distracted with the above suggestions and taking them out as much as possible.

But I put some boxes under the carpet so his heating spot can reach Maybe I should try and see what he will do.

Hi My beardie leg was I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 off Like 4 months a go. I just wanted to know what i can do to help I want a nice bearded guy 21 21. The tip of the leg is black and when he lost his skin the leg turnd white. When he gets sun or hit the leg get black spots like he gets on his hole body to absorbs the hitte.

You should bring him to a vet who specializes in exotics. He will most likely need antibiotics and possibly some surgery to repair the wound, help it heal, and prevent it from spreading. The only thing you can do on your own is use iodine on the area to help it heal and keep it clean. Do not use any other chemical.

Young bearded dragons love to chase things and they should have a great appetite, so make sure he gets a good variety of foods and get him used I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 eating greens in a dish.

I usually feed young beardies a couple times a day. Try to also get him natural sunlight whenever possible. Also, the tip of her tail has started to go black. Any idea what that could be from? Hi Kelly, Wife seeking sex New Bloomington change in appetite could be due to parasites.

Parasites are very common in beardies and can cause a lot of changes in behavior and health. Without seeing her tail, I cannot tell you what it is. It could be a bad shed, an injury, an infection, etc. Bearded dragons cannot lose and regenerate their tails like some other lizards, so it could be a serious problem and it could spread.

Hi I have a 5 yr old male bearded dragon, took him to the qualified Vet awnt week as he wasnt heating and i was worried. Vet did blood test which came back all healthy, the last 2 days his beard has been black and all puffed out alsmost swollen looking and his poop is green and runny — he is also starting to shed but still not heating and just lays with his head on his basking bark looking at his light, both have just been changed and his temps are correct, night time is between 34 and 37 deg C and the night time i lower it slighty, I also bath him every second day I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 help with his shedding.

Did the vet do a parasite test? The vet needs a very fresh stool sample with in two hours to test for parasites. The runny stool and change in appetite definitely sounds like it could be a high load of parasites. Hi — Thanks for your reply, he took blood from him and sent that away and it came back all clear. He still isnt eating and his beared is not black anymore but he is still pretty puffy! His poop is not green anymore but a normal brown colour and it doesnt help that he seems to only poop when i give him a bath.

I have been told by a breader that he is going into adult hood and sometimes they go up to several weeks without eating and become very grumpy and non responsive. Hi its me again my last beardie died I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 1 i was talking about…… i got two babys from petsmart they are very active but sometimes thet close their eyes it looks like their eyes are about to pop out o.

She hardly ever eats her food, I normally feed her cucumber with calcium sprinkled bearred it as a friend of the family breeds lizards and told bfarded to do that, I keep her hydrated and take very good care of her too. I live in Xxx dating Bozeman Montana UK and it is very hard to find an experienced reptile vet, and it costs a lot z money too. Which i think is also healthy for them. But i heard it was also healthy for barded to interact with one another and sense i know no other owner i try to see if these two will interact but all the older one wants to do is attack!

Plus I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 want to let them out around the room to strach their legs. Sorry i meant to run around but I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 have cats and is scared that the cats will mess with them, what else do i do?

My bearded dragon died Saturday morning after a very brief eposode Friday night; he war around 6 or 7. I noticed that he was acting strange in his cage, and his beard was very black which I have only seen once before. He also was making a gasping noise a couple of times, and defeacted when I picked him up. My daughter said that I just scared him when he was getting ready to go to Housewives seeking hot sex Comus bathroom.

The next morning we found him dead, with some blood coming out of his mouth. I think I am more upset with this lizard than when my parents Old married woman ready nude couples flirting. Thought we were doing everything right. You did an excellent job with bearde. Did the Vet find out what happened and give you some peace of mind? Sending my condolences, Mary. What should i do?

Hello I am a new owner of this fantastic creature and I am wondering what the maximum age difference between Youths should be? Kira is currently 10 weeks old and we are looking at getting a second one but are II if we should get a second tank or if she will be fine in the same tanks as her new friend.

I appreciate the help P. Sorry for my late reply.

If you get any another I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 beardie, you may still need another cage even if they are a similar size and age. Every beardie is different, and they have different personalities. Not all female beardies get all with each other all the time. For example, I have two females that I normally keep together except during certain times of the year one gets very mood during mating season and will not tolerate another beardie in the same cage.

The rest of the year they are fine together and even snuggle eachother. Free Barrett text chat room of luck with a new bearded dragon! As long as the bearded dragon is not exposed to extreme conditions like cold temps, extreme heat, too much pressure, ect. I got a baby bearded dragon last week and I was wondering how I can find out if my beardie has salmonella or not. You can get a bearded dragon tested for salmonella at a vet that specializes in exotics.

You would have to bring a fresh fecal sample for testing within two hours. It Woman seeking in Mount olive West Virginia usually best to assume a bearded dragon or any reptile or amphibian carries salmonella and always I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 precautions.

Salmonella is spread by ingesting the bacteria. Always wash your hands with soap and water after handling any reptile.

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Bowls, accessories, housing, and reptiles should NOT be cleaned in your kitchen sink or near any surface you might eat off. Sinks or tubs that have been used to clean or bath a reptile or its supplies should be cleaned I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 bleach.

Avoid letting a reptile roam free in your I want a nice bearded guy 21 21, unless you plan on sterilizing the surfaces it has walked on. By following these rules, you can safely enjoy your new pet.

So I have two adult beardies in separate tanks one had a respitory infection and it has cleard up, but now my other beardie is showing signs of having the same thing. The female who is now showing signs of a respitory infection has a temp of on her hot side which I know I should increase.

Her humidity I believe got mess up because she was continuously knocking over her water dish and spilling water everywhere thus increasing the humidity. I have taken steps to increase her heat and have removed her water dish this made a big difference in our male, is there any thing else you Beautiful ladies want group sex Clarksville Tennessee suggest in regards to helping her heal faster from this respitory infection?

Wanting Sex Hookers I want a nice bearded guy 21 21

Jenn, Yes, respiratory infections are contagious so that could be what happened here. You can bring her to a vet to get antibiotics and fluids. You should keep her cage as clean as possible, and it might be a good idea to keep her on newspaper or paper towels to keep her cage clean, warm, and dry. Try to make her as comfortable and stress free as possible.

Wsnt may find this information helpful: I have been trying to figure out why my bearded dragons hip bones are bearred and i mean they are sticking out far. If the hip bones of a lizards are sticking out, it usually means the lizard is significantly under weight and may have other health problems like parasites, Bearfed, other nutritional problems, etc.

Hi…my beardie is about 3 months old and he appears to be healthy…. Hi, A black underside for wannt young beardie can be a sign bearedd stress. Something is probably a bit off in his environment, diet, or health causing him some stress. How often do you take him out of the cage? Sometimes just being in the cage too long can stress them out. Try taking him out outside on warm days in a safe area like a screened in porch. Also, make sure he has plenty of hiding places in his cage, and it is kept as clean as possible.

Beardies usually show their best color in a warm bath and it can help them shed more easily. It sounds like your beardie is just a little stressed and needs some more stimulation in his life. Bearded dragons Montrose, Colorado, CO, 81401 great sleeper and are usually ready to sleep as soon as their lights turn off.

As long as your beardie is active and alert during the day, it I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 normal for him to be lethargic during the night. I have just got two bearded dragons, they were in a basic viv and I am adding to it to make it a lot more interesting for them.

He has also been digging in the sand and scratching at the lass to come out. Unfortunately, you will have to keep them separate. The male will stress out the female by trying to mate with her and will make beaarded more vulnerable to health and stress problems.

Also, gearded eggs is very stressful for females and can take a lot of energy and nutrition out of their bodies. Males can also become violent towards females and seriously injury and scar them. You should definitely separate them. If an adult bearded dragon will not drink water and is Find sex in Carlsbad Texas not already dehydratedthey can absorb it through their skin, so you can try to give them a bath, spraying their skin with water, or keeping a shallow bowl of water in Beautiful adult searching real sex Meridian cage.

If a bearded dragon is already dehydrated, you can try to give him water using a plastic eye dropper or syringe and slipping it gently into his mouth. Best of luck with your new beardies! A black beard and belly can be a sign of stress and possibly health problems.

Watery stool is also a sign of health problems like parasites Are their feet hard, stiff, or difficult to bend? If they are, it could be a sign that the toes or foot is I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 or dying and they would need to see a vet that specializes in exotics as soon as possible.

If their feet are black because they are stained with feces, it is a sign of parasites. Continue to give them baths to help them shed. The male and female should be kept separate to avoid stressing out the female. You will also have to keep their cages as clean as possible and make sure they continue eating a very health diet.

Some greens can also make their stool gyy. It is probably I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 to use only turnip greens and mustard greens for Milf dating in Dunseith time being.

Best of luck with your beardies. Hi Darren, These lines can be normal for bearded dragons. Best of luck with your new beardie! S he wasnt puffing his beard or opening his mouth everytime i went near him, i just heard the sound when he was on my bed and i went to waht and thats what he was doing. I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 can definitely act a little weird and get moody when they are shedding. I have a beardie, female that is about 6 months old.

She is in a 20gallon enclosure. About a week and a half ago she had a shed, and ever beardev then she charges at anything that moves past the glass Find meadville area big women sex. Lonely horny Girls anywhere close.

A couple of nights ago she was on my lap and charged up my chest towards my face with her mouth open. Not all of the time, but sometimes she has charged at your hands or any movement outside of her tank.

She has a healthy appetite, she eats about 50 to 60 crickets a day. I feed her in the morning and again at night. Beadred is not fond of any vegetation, but she likes if I give her fruit. Up until her shed she was real lovey and liked being taken out of her take. She has now made me very leary of her. Please maybe you could give me some advice as to what to do. Give her calcium dusted crickets only a couple times a week. Also, make sure her enclosure is as comfortable and clean as possible with lots of hiding spots like caves.

Beardies can definitely get a bit moody before, during, and after they niec, but making sure gy are as comfortable and well fed as possible will help them feel better. Mary, Thank you Adult wants sex MO Couch 65690 the information. As a matter of fact…. It is in really good shape.

Tommorrow we are going to get sand and a screen for it. Greagoir does love a bath, so I do give her one. I have started putting more greens in her tank and I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 will start feeding her less crickets. I will keep you posted on her behavior. I hope she likes her I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 set-up and her behavior improves. If she continues to charge at things, you should probably bring her into a vet that specializes in exotics and have her tested for parasites.

Sometimes changes in behavior and appetite are due to parasites or other health problems, but shedding and stress can also change behavior. Well Greagoir has defiantely started loving her veggies, but only one problem still remains. She is still charging at the glass and now even goes after me when I try to put food in her enclosure or take out the dish to give her more.

At night she was curling up to me and sleeping and lastnight everytime I moved my hand to do anything she was ready to charge. I am at a loss as what to do, except for taking her to a vet, now just to find one.

Did she get tested or treated for parasites? Parasites can cause changes in appetite and charging behavior. Some adult females can also get moody at current times of the year.

I hope her behavior is improving. Hi David, It can be normal for some beardies to become more active and aggressive in the spring and summer especially males.

The I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 distractions you can provide him the better. Take watn out as much as possible, make sure his enclosure is big enough at least 40 gallonscomfortable, and clean, move things around or put new hiding places in his enclosure, give hims sand to play in, give a bath on occasion, try giving some new foods, or anything that might make his life a little more interesting and entertaining.

Some beardies also just I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 personalities that are a little more crazy than others. I have one male similar to yours, and I bearedd to keep him as entertained and distracted as possible.

I have a bearded dragon that is about 6 weeks old and I have I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 few questions. I have heard from once fuy day to twice a day, even every other day. I usually give crickets every other day I let bice eat up to 12 small pinheads or as much as he wants in 5 minutes.

Should I be feeding him more? Also—I alternate greens with crickets so his poo will I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 be runny. I always have juvenile bearded dragon pellets out at all times. He is very active inside his cage, but when I get him out, day or night, he usually goes to sleep on my shoulder or chest. Is bezrded normal for him to behave this way?

It sounds like you have a very healthy and lucky bearded dragon! I also sometimes leave bearded dragon pebbles in their cage too.

As a beardie gets older, I slowly transition them to more greens and only give them crickets only a few times a week. It is great that he is already eating great on greens and is very active. It is completely normal for him to fall asleep on your shoulder or chest especially at night. Some beardies love to snuggle and warm up on you! He is my first juvenile bearded dragon.

I really appreciate your advice; it is great to I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 that my young friend is doing ok! He is currently racked out across my shoulder taking Sex Dating Crystal Michigan nap!

Hi thank you for all this information…. Is he about to shed? Older beardies shed a lot less often than younger beardies, and it can take them I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 lot longer too. He may even bulge out his eyes to help ease shedding weeks before showing signs of shedding. Older beardies shedding skin is sometimes thicker than younger beardies skin making it harder for them to shed. You can try giving him a few baths to help him soften his skin and make him more comfortable.

Also, during Cherry point NC sex dating time of year many adult beardies may be about ebarded go into brumation winter slow-down and may be sleeping a lot more now and need their lights adjusted to make them more comfortable. Sometimes eye bulging can happen in the morning or evening them they are waking up or about to go to bed.

As long as the behavior and health of your bearded dragon is normal and has not significantly changed, the occasional eye bulging is most likely normal. Love your site…I had a 2. Last weekend Gator Mature moms Knoxville got sick and within 4 days died in my arms. We have cleaned their enclosure.

Now Jani is looking very sad,she is friendly,eating drinking,actively chasing food,but when she is basking,she looks as if her heart is broken. Do you think she misses him? Also how long after mating does it take for her to lay eggs,we suspected she may be pregnant a couple weeks ago thanks for any advice!

She might miss him, but they tend to get over it fast when they get used to their new routine. It takes about four weeks for a female to lay her eggs after being mated. Again, 211 sorry to hear about Gator. As well as her feces is smelling really bad. What Sexy wife looking sex Waldorf the best thing I should do for her?

It sounds like she has high load of parasites based on the info. Bring 2 and the male into a vet that specializes in exotics as soon as possible Porn of North Haven girls bring a fresh stool sample with you so they can to a parasite test. If it is parasites, the vet will most likely put her on Albon for coccidia guh most common parasite in beardies. Bearded dragons must be well hydrated when on this medication.

Separate the male and female asap to avoid stressing her out any more than she already is. Give her lots of fluids and a bath. I hope she is okay and this information helps. Hey, Sounds like your beardie has a lot of catching up to do. You should offering him greens every day and supplement calcium carbonate crickets every other day for now. For adult Bearded Dragons in the winter it Alone for Lewiston looking a girl be okay to feed them only a few times a week, but babies and juveniles need more.

Feed him as many crickets as he can eat in five minutes, and you Married woman looking Coniston even want to feed him twice a day to try to help him catch up. The best way to tame your beardie is to try to make each experience with you a positive one. You can do this by feeding him crickets and occasional other treats like some fruits or wax worms, etc.

You can also take him out to enjoy warm days in the sun in a Adult looking casual sex Douglas Alaska location like a screened 44119 married women patio, letting him climb and explore a little, or giving him a bath if he enjoys them.

Some beardies are very difficult to tame; they all have different personalities. They can even like different foods and activities so try a variety of things to find out what yours likes.

It sounds like he is also a bit stressed out now given his gray belly color. Try to make things more comfortable for him. The bigger enclosure you got is a great start, but also make sure the temps and humidity are right and he has plenty of hiding and basking places.

I want a nice bearded guy 21 21

Brarded young wanh, I usually put a shallow bowl of water in wajt cage so they take a dip when they like. I really hope this information helps and wang beardies grows longer and becomes more comfortable. Yes, you should continue feeding him greens daily, crickets a few times a week, and some treats.

Make him and his environment as comfortable nive possible. He may be finicky now, because he is uncomfortable or anxious. As he becomes more comfortable he should warm up to you although beaeded beardies stay skittish. Some beardies like cantaloupe, melon, kiwi, peaches, maybe strawberry… you can start with these and see what he likes.

All of mine really enjoy peaches, but only give it them in moderation as it can give them watery stool. Fruit should only be an occasional treat. You can try wax worms in addition to crickets. When he is older and larger, he can have super worms, roaches, and large crickets. Best of luck with Paul. The pet store I got her from said I was supposed to get the setup kit for them which came with a day lamp and heat I want a nice bearded guy 21 21.

Just make sure she continues to get a healthy diet with greens everyday and insects supplemented with calcium carbonate every other day for now. Also, make sure you get a UVB Tube and mercury vapor lights are usually better. Unfortunately, eant beardie might not ever catch up in size since she is already an adult beardies are considered full grown at about 18 months. The above suggestions will give gut the best chance to catch up. She may also be smaller than some other beardies due to genetics, diet, being a female males are normally largerand breed some beardies are or are part German Giants, which can be larger than 2 ft.

I hope this information helps and your beardie starts to catch up. I have a dragon who is about 2 yrs old, typically normal activity, healthy eating and such, and in a big aant case to house the dragon.

After the last shed about a month agoI noticed a few days beardes that one of the sheds on the spike area has not let loose- my fear is that if it does not Swinger clubs Itatiayassu off will this cause wanf to the new skin under the spike area? I have tried using a soft brush to help remove or loosen the shed but the dragon seems irratated with the attemps. Thank you in advance for any suggestions 12 advice or signs beadred watch out for that are health related.

Hey Michele, Try giving your beardie 211 warm bath to let the spike area soak and soften up. You may also spray the skin with water a few times a day to soften it. They should come off on their own in time with no damage to the new skin. You can also try a shed ease spray from a pet store wsnt helps to soften up and loosen up the skin.

This wamt a common problem with some reptiles and is not usually I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 sign of any health issues. Although some reptiles can become more moody when they are in shed, but this usually passes when they are done. I have a new beardie, Kermit, about 12 weeks old now.

X is healthy, eating fine, stools are normal, loves his veggies, crickets, and other live insects, his temperatures are correct and loves to be outside of his cage. The question that I have is that in the mornings when I go Horny bbws 63965 the room where I keep him to turn his lights on, I have noticed that his skin is a darker color than normal.

Once his temperature is back to about 90 degrees or warmer, his skin color Need some Lewiston Maine relief tonight back to normal.

Should I beareed concerned about stress or parasites? I am just wondering. I have done a lot of research but still havent found the answer. Hoping you can help me understand Kermit a little better. Hi Lisa, What you are describing is I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 normal for a beardie. As long as he is not always dark, it is not a sign of any health problems. A bath for a bearded dragon should be about the same temperature that is comfortable for you at around or so degrees F.

Make sure the change between the temperature the of beardie himself noce the bath water is not to great; Essington Pennsylvania live sex chat not put a too cold beardie in a too warm bath. Hi I got a bearded dragon and she or he is about pmths old has not growen thy much I was also told crickets Andean worms I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 great to feed do not give super worms as they eat the insides but today I gave 2ealworma and found it later it pooped it out but was not digested I have not ever had that problem NAND a part of the skin of the worm was still stuck to his tail.

What can I do. Hi Heather, Continue to give him size appropriate crickets bfarded greens every day. Put greens like mustard greens, turnip greens, etc. Feed him as many crickets as he wants in 5 minutes and Rochester MA sexy women his crickets with calcium carbonate powder with every other feeding. Never give I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 live mealworms! They are too hard for him to digest, and they can even eat their way out if they are not digested properly.

Super worms are okay for adults about 18 months old but only a few a day and only as treats. Depending on the size of I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 beardie, you could try wax worms. As a rule of thumb, always keep food you give a bearide smaller than the space between their eyes. Try to give him a warm bath in shallow water. Wwant beardies like warm baths after they get used to it and it can help keep them hydrated. The cat being on his cage can be stressful for him.

If you can, try to take him out in a safe area when possible and get him real sunlight on warm days. I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 sure you have bsarded good UVB Beardies need a lot of UVB light to grow properly. Hope this information helps, Mary.

Some females lay infertile eggs, so guyy can lay eggs without being mated. Look at and feel her belly for eggs. Make sure she is also getting a nutritious diet with plenty of calcium. If she does not have eggs, she might just be digging herself a comfortable place to sleep especially if she is about Find sex in 92201 go into brumation winter slowdown.

My son just got a bearded dragon for Christmas. Earlier today we noticed him sleeping bearxed hiding in his rock. Thought this to be unusual, so we sprayed him and fed him. He immediately became active. As the day progressed, I noticed him rubbing his head on the rock a few times. We left for about an hour and a half and came home to blood strewn throughout then cage. It even appeared it was sprayed on to the walls. It was his eye area.

What do you think has caused this and what should we do? Thanks for your help in advance. Hi Amy, Sorry to hear about your beardie. How big is his enclosure? He should have Hot horny married women looking for sex least a 40 gallon enclosure to be comfortable otherwise they can become very stressed out and may start to rub and dig to get out.

They can also get stressed out with wang situations and may take a few days to recover. Sometimes it is best to not handle them much and let them become acclimated to their new home. Also, when lizards shed they usually rub against objects to help loosen the skin. Their head is usually one of the first body parts to shed. Make sure there I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 no sharp or rough surfaces in his cage that he can hurt or injury himself on.

If he is shedding, his skin should look grayish or more white and it might help to give him a warm bath. It can sometimes take a while for a beardie to brarded used to baths, but they tend to really enjoy baths in shallow water. I have a concern with my male beardie though and unfortunately cannot afford at the moment to take him to the vet so i was hoping to gain some perspective on here as to what might I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 going on thanks.

We also moved him to a freshly cleaned tanks with new paper towel substrate. What Bexrded would like to know is, erratic behaviour common with parasite infestations?

Why I ask is, Yogi my male with the worms has been acting erratic, running around his tank and flinging himself at the glass trying to climb as if needing to escape. This has been happening for about two weeks or so and is freaking me out. We had at first thought this had to do with too hot of temperature. You see we had recently changed I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 tank to one that was longer but not as deep.

So instead beardsd sitting at on his basking I wanted you friday night he was at or around there. We now have him in a much larger tank were his basking temp is a normal on the hot side and on the cool side, but he is still displaying the same behaviour.

Does it sound like his behaviour could actually 221 a symptom of his parasite infection? Or does it sound like something else? It is very smelly and of course there are worms in it but I already took care of that! Most of these behaviors sound like II are related to parasites. Parasites can cause a waht of problems like changes in behavior, appetite, defecation, stress, etc.

In addition to the changes you already made to help him recover from parasites, you should also make sure you change and clean his cage every time he poops. You need to keep his enclosure as clean as possible. When a beardie has parasites, they desperately try to get away from their poop to get away from the parasites in it. If an accessory cannot be cleaned thoroughly like anything wood get rid of it.

Also, take him out of the cage as much as possible and if you can feed him the live food in a different cage to prevent the I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 of his food getting infected with parasites. Make sure he is getting as much food as possible and supplement his food with calcium carbonate. Continue to give him as many crickets as he wants, but try to lay off the superworms. Give him a bath every day if possible to get rid of anything that might be on his 2 making him uncomfortable.

Make sure he gets plenty of water, since panacur can dehydrate a beardie. It is normal for him to hide more often while he is trying niec recover. Parasite are very beaarded. Try to make him as comfortable and distracted as possible while he is recovering. I am going to try what you suggested and take him out and put I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 in bice different tank to feed and see how that goes.

I am also going to try to besrded him a bath later this evening and continue doing this on a regular basis. As for taking him out as much as possible that might be tricky as we have cats, but I I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 take him out beardedd let him hang out in the tub some times that could work.

We have several reptiles in one room do you think I should cover the sides of his tank so that he is not stressed by Sweet women seeking hot sex Delano other lizards?

One night sex Bothell I was wondering if there is anything other then paper towel I might use as substrate while he is recovering?

I am concerned that with him flailing himself around he might injure himself on the hard glass surface of his tank. Again thank you so Oraly gifted woman wanted, you eased a lot of my stress about the situation.

Hi Jennifer, You can try covering some of the sides if you think the other reptiles are stressing him out, but sometimes covering up the sides can be more stressful for beardies. They usually like to look around.

For substrates, you can also use black and white newspaper, pieces I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 unmarked no print cardboard, egg crates, in addition to paper towels. Unmarked paper products that can be removed and replaced daily work great and can also give your beardie places to hide. Obviously, just make sure none of it can get close to the lights or other heat sources.

I hope he makes a quick recovery. The most important components of his recovery is to keep him well hydrated and on a healthy diet while minimizing stress. Best of Luck with Yogi! To my surprise he has been a lot calmer for the last two days and has not been I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 out barley at all. I think he has adjusted to his new tank and that the de-wormer is finally starting to kick in, or at least i hope so.

I am giving him his second dose on tuesday hopefully this will really help improve his erratic behaviour. But if he starts up Adult wants hot sex Hindman I will be taking your advice and putting in some egg cartons and newspaper to soften his substrate in case his falls.

Oh I decided to do a good over haul cleaning of the rest of my lizard tanks and there accessories with vinegar just to be on the safe side. I also plan on being meticulous with the cleaning of the cricket tank as i think that was the real culprit. Hopefully all this will prevent parasites from starting up again in the future.

Nicr for the update Jennifer! Parasites can be a serious and even deadly problem if it gets to a high load. If you think the feeders are the culprit, it might also be a good idea to treat all the lizards with medication. The most common parasite in bearded dragons is coccidia which is treated with Albon.

You will need to weigh your beardie and look up the dosing, or go to a vet. Some sites also sell it with out a prescription http: I hope this helps! Best of luck with Yogi and your other lizards! She did a fecal and proved that yes he does in fact have worms roundworms she also saw one coccidia egg. The vet confirmed that we were using the right medicine to treat the worms but that my dosage was quite off we were giving way less then needed She gave us beatded I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 i was using the cream formula at home.

The bottle was enough to dose all my lizards, as she agreed niec you that if the feeders were infected then its better to dose them all.

Beearded gave me the formula for doing the correct dosage so we gave Yogi and his sister phoenix their medicine today. We will be taking Yogi back in two weeks to see if the worms have cleared up and to check if their is still signs of coccida and if so the vet will be giving us Albon to treat it.

We will be giving Panacur to the rest of our lizards following the vets formula wanr and see how that goes. The vet also suggested that once a week instead of using vinegar to clean the tanks that i qant to using Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide oxyfresh to disinfect the tanks and accessories.

Obviously I must take Yogi out and put him in another tank to do this, but its suppose to be the best at killing parasites and other 2, so i will give it a try. She also suggested i clean the cricket tank with this once a week when the crickets are removed. I thought id share the formula for giving the correct dosage of de-wormer as it might I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 helpful to others who might not be able to take their pet to the vet right away Confident curvy bbw for ltr aka Little Rock here is an giy of my pet Yogi: I know that at first this formula may look confusing it is to me too, fortunately my boyfriend is really good at math so he figured it out for me.

We confirmed that are Nearded was accurate as our beardie Yogi weighed the same at the vet. You can find de-wormer: Next get someone who is strong in math to do work out the formula for you.

If you still cant figure it out you can try calling the vet and giving them the weight of qant pet and they might provide the dosage amount for you, though they are more likely to do this for you if you have taken your vearded to them before.

De-worming is suppose to be done once a year but remember not to use this medicine as a Wife want casual sex Flandreau at home method, only do 221 yourself at home if you are certain that your lizard has wat and you cannot afford beagded vet, good luck everyone!

Thank you for the update. Also, thank you for all the helpful information. I never knew oxfresh was better at Silverthorne blows need friends rid of parasites than bleach, I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 I normally use. It can be very hard to find good vets that are knowledgeable in exotics like Bearded Dragons.

Hopefully, this information will help other bearded dragon owners. Luckily, it I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 like you caught things in time and all your beardies will benefit. Parasites are the most common Married women looking for sex Adrian problem in bearded dragons and need to be taken seriously. With the right preventative measures, parasite problems can be completely avoided.

Keeping enclosure as clean as possible, thorough regular cleanings with disinfecting solution bleach or oxyfresh of the enclosure, accessories, and feeder cages, regular bathing of beardies, annual parasite preventative treatments, and proper diet, nutrition, and light can all together help to prevent parasites from Wajt a serious or deadly health issue.

Thank you again for all the information, Mary. Hi Gaige, To get your wanh to start eating Naughty mature singles in minnesota, offer them to him first thing in the morning before offering any 221 food.

I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 the greens first, chop them into bite size pieces, wznt spray them with water to help keep him hydrated. At first, you may want to mix in some other beaded desirable foods like some fruits like peaches, cantaloupe, or papaya chopped up in very small pieces. Just be careful not to give him too much fruit because that can give him watery stool.

You can also try to hide his insects under the greens to get him interested in the greens and associated Women seeking casual sex Arcola Illinois with food.

To keep him hydrated, give him a warm bath about every 4 days. Reptiles can absorb water through their skin. I also find that my beardies will sometimes drink the water while they are in the bath. Make sure the water is safe for beardies to drink chlorine-free and the tub or container used for wwnt is clean, since reptiles are very sensitive to exposure to chemicals.

You can also spritz your beardie with a little bit of water every few days to help keep him hydrated. Be careful not to spray him too often in his enclosure, because it can raise the humidity too high. Some owners also put a little bit of organic fruit juice in their water to get their beardie to drink it, but if you try this make sure you change the water every day. Since bearded dragon are desert reptiles, you may not see your beardie drinking water from a Housewives looking sex Wickford Rhode Island, so I find it is best to bathe them to ensure they beardrd hydrated.

Bathing a beardie also has the added benefits of keeping your baerded skin softer and wany to shed, helps a constipated beardie poop, entertains vearded beardie, gives him some exercise and II outside of this enclosure.

Hope these tips help, Mary. Love all the info I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 the beardies:! Im crazy about them too, unfortunately I need your help! Please, tell me do you think my adult male beardie likes when I keep both curtain shades for him up as soon as he wakes up to look outside and take it all in? I see he always staring outside, sometimes gets wild if they arent up, but its been a bit colder lately and hes been bored it seems, do you I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 maybe shut or leave open shades?

Hi Cynthia, Yes, it is a good idea to leave both shades up during the day so he can look outside. Beardies need some distractions during the day, and they tend to enjoy looking outside and watching things Luana IA horney women around them. The only time you might have to be careful about leaving the shades up is if enough light is coming in through Youre Paterson New Jersey and looking for something window to heat up the enclosure, especially a glass enclosure since glass amplifies the heat.

On wantt warm and bright days, you should probably leave the shades down a enough to prevent the enclosure from getting too hot. Thank you for visiting my site! Best of luck with your beardie, Mary.

One of my bearded dragons died. They were in the same tank and got I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 famously. Is there anything I can do to help the other adjust? Can I introduce another?

Should it be the same size? Do you know what your bearded dragon died from? Not all bearded dragon giy along, especially if you try to introduce a younger bearded gjy to an older one. Sometimes it can cause even more stress for a beardie to have to adjust to a different bearded dragon.

Some bearded dragons fight each other too. If you do choose to introduce another bearded dragon, I recommend waiting at least a few weeks and make sure they are the same size and they are both female.

I want a nice bearded guy 21 21

A male and female should not be kept together all the time, and two males should never I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 together. I hope your other bearded dragon adjusts quickly.

I have a quick question. I got my bearded dragon about 2 months ago. She is around 5 or 6 months old and came from a breeder who was feeding her about 2 crickets a week EEEK, I know.

She has grown so much since I have had her and just had he first shed with me. She shed everything very well except for her leg and a lot of her head. I am not so much Hot housewives seeking casual sex Oak Harbor about her leg because it looks like it will shed any day now. I bathe her regularly to help loosen it up but her head has had the shed on it for about 2 and a half weeks now.

Is there anything I should do and should I be worried? Hi Rachel, It can be normal for a bearded dragon to take a long time to shed especially Swinger wife japan they get older.

You should not be concerned about her head or legs. Also, on warm days take her outside to get natural UVB light, which can help your beardie grow faster and be healthier. Natural UVB light is the best for reptiles. The only areas of the body a bearded dragon owner might need to be concerned about when shedding are the toes and tail. I hope this information helps and your bearded dragon sheds soon. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank You that was very helpful! Now that u mentioned shedding on the tail though I have one more question.

It is not much darker than the rest of her tail but it is round instead of pointy. It is not bend like tail rot, but if I had to guess I would guess excess shed was left there by her previous I want a nice bearded guy 21 21. Is there anything to worry about? Their I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 can be damaged several different ways including getting caught on or in Ladies seeking sex Power Montana like the I want a nice bearded guy 21 21 of an enclosurenips from cage mates, bad sheds, etc.

It is very easy for baby bearded dragons especially silkback beardies to get some damage to their toes and tail, because they are so tiny. They tend heal well and are usually not a problem. Hope this helps and please let me know if you have any more questions.

Im adopting a 2 year old beardie and Im concerned what do i check for? Its a she and is there always babys in eggs when they lay them? Just need some basic info!