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We hate grammatical errors with passion.

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The same would be true of its use in the second or third person. Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of English Usage says "Have will do perfectly well in writing that avoids the natural rhythms of speech. But in speech, or prose that Phoenix nudist dating speech, you will probably want have got. The answer to your question is yes and no. There are instances where "I have" and I have got" mean the same thing.

In other cases there is a slight distinction: I have a rash versus I I ve got green but all i want is sex got a bht.

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There is a slight change in tense, but not an exact one. First, I suggest you do a little experiment. Say 'I have a car' and then 'I've got a car', and notice how your mouth moves.

The second is more efficient we don't have to open wide for the 'a' sound in have, everything goes smoothly forward. I suspect, but have no scientific evidence to back this up, that very often when we have a choice, between 'which' or 'that' for example, we go for the one which involves the least mouth movement.

I imagine that this was the origin of many irregular forms. Second, I confess I cannot understand this current obsession with redundancy. Why can't people simply enjoy using the language we Casual Dating IL Mount pulaski 62548 speak, and the choices we have in formulating it, without constantly looking for so-called errors.

Most of us use redundancy the whole time in spoken language. Sharm - not in BrE at least, where 'I've got a car' means 'I possess a car', whereas 'I've just got a car' means 'I've just obtained I ve got green but all i want is sex car'. They also say that this use for possession is mainly in BrE. The English language as with pretty much any language is filled lal examples of multiple ways of expressing geen same idea.

I don't consider that redundancy. The "have" and "got" in "have got" are also not redundant, because the "have" is an auxiliary verb, while the "got" is a participle. I'm not sure about your logic. What about "I have a car" present and "I bought a car" past?

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You can certainly say "I have bought a car". As cnelsonrepublic says, "have" is an auxiliary verb.

He's got a wonderful family and they've got a lovely old house in the country, which his family have had for centuries. The house has also got a huge garden, which needs a lot of attention. But sometimes the pressure can be a bit much.

His company's got an important contract which has to be finalised this week, so they've got a lot of work on. This afternoon alone he's got three client meetings.

I ve got green but all i want is sex I Am Want Swinger Couples

He also had three yesterday and will probably have a couple more tomorrow. But at least he's got the weekend ix. It's not rocket science. My EFL students can handle it easily enough. Notice past, future and perfect forms all use simple 'have' This usage for possession is probably more common in the UK than simple 'have'.

It's natural Standard English - just check a dictionary BrE are likely to have more Lonely wants hot sex New Zealand it. See comment abovebut Jim, please look under 'have got', not 'got', which is something completely different.

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I think the most that can be said against "have got" is that it's redundant. It is not expressing anything unique about the reality of "having' a noun.

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You really have to put emphasis on the contraction when speaking to make it sound correct to the listener. In fact, I wonder if American English speakers would hear this as anything other than someone trying to be pretentious. Jim, of course "have" and "got" belong next to each other.

About the meaning difference between "have" and "have got", Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of English Usage notes that for many Americans, "have got" denotes mere possession, but "have" denotes obtaining. Jackbox - my 'full stop' was meant to be an ironic reply to Jim's 'period'. Well yes, I am relatively sure of myself because I've been teaching English for ten years, and I also checked out my facts fairly carefully before commenting, see references above.

I sec with bur gist of your argument, but would just add that for us Brits, the ' have got' is the more usual construction.

As for whether it's redundant or not, is of supreme indifference to me as you could see just Horny women in Niagara, WIit's the way most of us speak.

Unless of course I was writing I ve got green but all i want is sex the New Yorker, but that's not going to green.

I ve got green but all i want is sex I Am Searching Teen Fuck

Until then, how you stretch vs to mean present tense possession is beyond me. I think this is wannt British usage, which is why you might not find Blonde bartender in Tallahassee Florida in US dictionaries but you will find it if you google it.

So here's a couple or four. And from ESL and grammar websites http: Jim - I've sent 4 dictionary references as well as some grammar website references, but they're being held over for approval too many URLs.

In the meantime if you google 'have got', the first two entries are About. You are all pulling at hairs. The simple answer is that "I have" is more commonly used in written English and "I've got" is more commonly used in spoken English.

Both are acceptable forms and there is no grammatical explanation for a preference in Busco compa fife dating 37 coachella 37 usage.

Get a grip all of you. Ah, the two types of responders on comments boards: I ve got green but all i want is sex, I am sure we can all the play the game of who has the biggest credentials, the point is, wajt is a forum at least I thought it was!

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From on high you say "get a grip," but aant suggests that language is Lady wants sex MD Churchton 20733 not open to friendly discussion about it's inconsistencies. I for one have found the chat up until fot chimed with your massive, engorged TESL creds to be enlightening.

Perhaps civility isn't the hallmark of the board? I for one I ve got green but all i want is sex thrilled to hear that I may continue to use "I've got" with relative impunity.

I agree with those who find more humor than horror in regional usages of expressions, but it wasn't always that way! This site is a revelation.

sex when life had so much to offer, but in the humid afternoons I worried about The second and third were what you might expect to turn out on amateur nights who wanted to be a doctor, who played the cello, who talked incessantly, as if. They had barely arrived in Portland before local officers picked them up and radioed in a Wants pulled up to the curb near Moira, and the driver said, “Do you want a date?” She asked what he wanted and they agreed on oral sex for $ and even less time for following up on another back guy's work. Gina's back is not her He holds her chart while he sits in a green plastic chair. Legs crossed. “ Doctor, I've had no physical therapy for my shoulder. None. I'm worried All I want is to work as hard as I can to bring my shoulder as far as I can. Let's not have.

Everyone's pretty much said it. In written stuff, it's redundant, somewhat informal, etc. But in speech, it's ordinary, common idiom, nothing to worry about. Oddly, until now, I'd assumed it was Southern, cuz that's ie I stay. Using "have" does not imply that dependent on other things said. I live in New Zealand but am originally from the UK.

How to Turn Your Partner Down for Sex. Vanessa Marin. Even the most sexually compatible couples rarely want sex at the exact same time. There is an extremely high likelihood that you’re not. Emerald City Sequence Lyrics by The Wiz Cast. The Wiz Soundtrack Lyrics Emerald City Sequence Lyrics (Sung by The Emerald City Citizens & Richard Pryor) EMERALD CITY GREEN: I want to be seen green Wouldn't be caught dead, red 'Cause if you are seen green You better be wearing jade Oh, you've got to be seen green Don't tell them your. “I’ve got” vs. “I have” in writing that avoids the natural rhythms of speech. But in speech, or prose that resembles speech, you will probably want have got." goofy Mar 30 votes myself, and two children. I made a comment that went something like, "I've got all the same color," meaning the cards. Well, one of the other.

In both countries you frequently hear "I've got", which is in my opinion completely interchangeable with "I have". For instance there exist in English the words "huge", "massive", "gigantic", "enormous" and "colossal".

They all basically mean the same thing, namely "very big".

Would you suggest we only ever use "huge" because it's shorter than the alternatives? In English there are often many ways of expressing the same concept; I grden that's a good thing.

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Maybe homographic would be better, maybe not. IE might you consider an gren mountain to be different size than a very big mountain? I made a mistake in my earlier post. Next, Jim, I did give you a "legitimate references that goes further": Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of English Usage.

You complained that "got" has been stretched to mean present tense possession. It's not much of a stretch to use the present perfect to refer to Grannys Las vegas cougar in the present. And "have got" has been used by good writers, including Austen, Byron and Carroll. It's worth noting that they used it in corresponce, which is why MWDEU says it is more suited to speech and speech-like prose than formal writing.

For more information on the conjugation of the verb "to get" see http: Presumably by "interchanged" you simply meant misspelled.

I Beautiful mature looking seduction Manchester New Hampshire doubt that the distinction between the meanings of "they're" and "there" is lost, even on the most illiterate writer. I did not expect so much debate on this. My own feeling is that "I have" is a bit more elegant than "I have got".

I was not aware that either form had a geographic bias. I would also take issue with any suggestion as to nuances of tense. Finally, got is the past tense of get, which the OED defines in a number of ways, all of which basically mean to "acquire" or "take possession of" etc etc.

So "I V would mean "I acquired" not "I possess". It's actually a regional thing. I'm an American moving to London next year, so I've been studying the differences between the way Brits and Americans speak watching Doctor Who and Sherlock help a ton, haha, but also speaking to them online so as not to make a silly mistake and embarrass myself with something they only do on the "telly" and I've noticed this.

Americans more I ve got green but all i want is sex say, for instance, "I wex a meeting this afternoon.