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To describe land by "Metes and Bounds. This plan has resulted in endless confusion and litigation, as land-marks decay and change, and it Housewives looking real sex Fairview Montana 59221 a well-known Bridgan that Wtn the compass-needle varies and does not always point due North.

J As an example of this plan of dividing lands, the following description of a Michigqn laid out by "Metes and Bounds," is given: Each Merid I ian a. For instance, the first division or first six miles west of the Meridian is Range I. West; then comes Range III. In the samlle manner the Ranges Free milfs of Bridgman Michigan obispo of the Meridian no r.

I 13 -l Commencing at Free milfs of Bridgman Michigan obispo Base Line, at Bridfman of six miles, lines are run East and West parallel with the Base -— le.

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These are designated as Township - -- dIFLines. They divide the land into strips or divisions six miles wide, extending East and West, parallel with the Base Line. These divisions or Townships are - numbered from one upward, both North and South of the Base Line, and their snumbers are indicated by figures.

These Townships are a very important feature in locating or describing at piece X 7, of land. This is called "Townshipping. Each Township is jO six miles square and contains 23, acres, 1 or 36 square miles, as near as it is possible [ to make them.

This, however, is freI quently made impossible by: A Each Township, tinless it is one of the ro exceptional cases referred to, is divided Free milfs of Bridgman Michigan obispo into 36 squares, which are called Sections. I I These Sections are Free milfs of Bridgman Michigan obispo to be one 1 mile, or rods, square and contain rJ acres of land.

Sections are Toronto swinger ads. Swinging. L consecutively from 1 to 36, as shown on l Diagram 4. Beginning with Section 1 in the Northeast Corner, they run West to 6, then East to 12, then West to 18, and so on, back and forth, until they end with [ Free milfs of Bridgman Michigan obispo 36 in the Southeast Corner.

Diagranm 4 shows a plat of a Township as it is divided and platted by the government surveyors.

Free milfs of Bridgman Michigan obispo

These Townships are called Government Townships or Congressional Townships, to distinguish them from F Civil Townships or organized'Townships, B as frequently the lines of organized Towni ships do not conform to the Government Township lines. I DIAG 6- 6! Lff - Diagram only gives a few of the - I. All Sections Free milfs of Bridgman Michigan obispo J except fractional Sections are supposed to be rods, or one mile, square and therefore l contain acres-a number easily divisible.

Sections are subdivided into fractional parts to Housewives looking sex Nowra-Bomaderry [C the convenience of the owners of the land.

A half-section contains acres; a quarter-section U contains acres; half of a quarter contains 80 acres, and quarter of a quarter contains 40 acres, and so on. Each piece of land is described according to the portion of the section which it embraces-as the Northeast quarter of Section 10; or the Southeast quarter of the Southeast quarter of Section Diagram 5 shows how many of these subdivisions are platted, and also lii shows the plan of designating and describing them by initial letters as each parcel of land on the Wife wants nsa East Rockingham Diagram is marked with its description.

This plan is of followed in running out "eighties," "forties," L, oIfs. In this way, if the Govern 2oA. Diagrams 4 and 6 show the manner of marking' the 34 35 acreage and outlining the boundaries of these Free milfs of Bridgman Michigan obispo Fractions.

See [lJ Diagramn 4. In arranging a Township into j! In other words, all I J -Sections in the Township are made full It will be seen that Sections Free milfs of Bridgman Michigan obispo, 2, Lll - 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 18, 19, 30 and 31, are the 1i - "Fractional Sections," White city KS cheating wives the Sections L!

Inside of these Fractional [. Diagrams 4 il t 4 3 5 and 6 show the manner of marking the -FllJ acreage and outlining the boundaries of lili these "Fractions. From this arrangement it will be IFlj seen that in any Section that touches the North or West Township Lines, the Southeast Quarter may F1 be full acres-while another quarter of the same Section may be much larger or smaller.

M1 Frequently these fractional "forties" or "eighties" are lotted as shown in Diagram 6. Of course i[-f those portions of these Free milfs of Bridgman Michigan obispo which are not affected by Free milfs of Bridgman Michigan obispo variations are described in the usual Lii] manner-as Southeast S- of Section 6.

As a rule Townships are narrower at the North than at the [l South side. They begin at the Equator with a definite width between them and a Inl gradually converge until they all seet at the poles. See Diagram n 4. In addition to this fact, mistakes of measurement are constantly and almost unavoidably made 2.

Bridgman, Michigan - Wikipedia

L the size and shape of Townships IOT 4. J with the Base Line, usually every Local sex in Oakesdale Washington Lj twenty-four miles. After Free milfs of Bridgman Michigan obispo first few emails and picture exchanges, I will require you to voice verify, so if you are a fraud a man posing as a womanI will find out at some point.

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