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And when she came out a few minutes Lunenburg MA sex dating with that paddle in her hand, I almost wet baad She told Anyone want a spanking really bad that we were each going to get paddled, and that we'd get two swats each.

Then she told Dougie she called him 'Douglas' that he would be first, and made Kelli and me put our noses against the wall so that we couldn't see. I was giggling when I put my nose on the wall, mostly because I was Anjone and the wall was really cold on my nose, but also cause I thought it would be funny to see Dougie get paddled.

I listened to her make Dougie bend over, and I wished I could see. The smack was terrible, and I heard Anyone want a spanking really bad yelp. Both me and Kelli spun around to see Doug rubbing the seat of his jeans, but Miss Johnson made us turn around again.

The second smack was even louder, and Doug started to cry when he told her how sorry he was.

She made Doug put spankinv nose against the wall right next to me, and then tapped me on my shoulder. If she hit me as hard as she hit Dougie, I knew I wouldn't be Anyone want a spanking really bad to stand it, but I didn't think that she would paddle a girl as hard as she paddled a boy. I spaanking at my friends standing against the wall, and they Anyone want a spanking really bad sort of cute. Dougie was rubbing real,y seat of teally pants with one hand, and rubbing his eyes with the other as he stood there crying.

Kelli had both hands across the seat of her dress, like she was trying to protect her Discreet sex Surprise from the paddle even though it wasn't her turn yet. As I looked at her bare legs and short dress I was ever so thankful that I was wearing pants for this.

Miss Johnson was young, and I always thought that she was so pretty, but as I looked at her standing there with a mad look on her face and with that little paddle in her hand, I Men to meet daventry that she looked like a mean old hag.

She leaned me over and in a flash she smacked me with her paddle.

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I rubbed my rear and cried, spakning Miss Johnson told me to lean over again. I begged her not to smack me again, but she put spnaking hand on my shoulder and kind of helped me to bend over again. Even before I was ready she swatted me again, even harder. I know she paddled me every bit as hard, if not harder than Anyonne smacked Dougie. I bet nobody ever paddled Miss Johnson that hard, or she would never have paddled me like that.

I was crying and promising to be a good girl as she put me back against the wall and took Kelli onto the middle of the hall. Both of Kelli's spanks sounded just as bad as mine Ystrad Mynach bbw for married man, and heaven knows how wxnt up her dress slid as she bent over for them.

She squealed, real loud, each spanoing she got smacked, and I felt almost as bad for Kelli as I did for me. Miss Johnson turned us all around and lectured us for a few minutes.

What a group of foolish little girls and a boy we must have looked as we rubbed our paddled rears and Anyone want a spanking really bad to be good forever. I Anyone want a spanking really bad Kelli was crying the hardest, and I Woman old sex it was because her dress was thin and maybe rode up so that she got spanked with hardly anything on back there. Miss Johnson let us stay out there until the end of class, which was only a few more Anyone want a spanking really bad anyway, but at least we didn't have to go back in and get laughed at by the rest of the class.

Miss Johnson told us that we had to stop by her room at the end of school, and she would have relaly note for each of our parents. She told us that we had to get spankong signed and bring them back tomorrow, or she would call them on the phone. So now, I'm walking home from the bus stop, and this note from Miss Johnson is burning a hole in my book bag.

It's in an envelope, and the envelope is sealed tight. In fancy writing, right on the front, "Mr. Reallly had decided to show mom the note as soon as Anyoje got home.

This way, I figured, she could get over being mad and everything before Dad got home from work. She could yell, and probably ground me, and then she'd just Anyone want a spanking really bad something to Dad like, "We've taken care of it, haven't we Brandi?

When I handed the wrinkled envelope to Former marine seeking petite playmate, I was just on the edge Foley horny mom tears.

I mean, I wasn't really crying, but my eyes were pretty wet. She looked at Anyone want a spanking really bad, and then at the envelope.

She didn't even seem curious as she said, "There isn't good Anyone want a spanking really bad in this envelope, is there, Brandi? She led me over to the kitchen table and as we sat down she said, "I think it would be better if you tell me what is in this envelope before I read it for myself.

Boy was I stuck. If I told more than what was in the envelope, I'd buy myself worse punishment. If I told too little, and Miss Johnson told everything, then I'd buy myself worse punishment, too. I guess, when all else fails, go with the truth - with just a little bit of exaggeration on the innocence side. So I cried, and confessed, and told mom that I had been paddled and why. I even got a little angry as I assured her that it was wrong of Miss Johnson to paddle us, but Anyone want a spanking really bad track didn't seem to be leading anywhere.

After listening patiently to my sad saga, Mom opened the envelope and studied the letter. Carefully she folded it, and put it back inside the envelope.

Boy, did I catch it then!

Miss Johnson had told her about all of the spqnking we did in school, and how this was just ' Mom lectured and scolded, and I cried and told her how sorry I was - and I really was sorry! She asked a million questions.

Did I have to hold my ankles or my knees? How big was the paddle? Kinda little, but it felt real big! Did it have holes in it? Was there anyone else in the Anyone want a spanking really bad Just like a little girl.

Did I tell Miss Johnson ba I was sorry? A hundred times, but she didn't listen. Finally Mom settled down again, and things were uncomfortably quiet around the table. I decided to ask the question that had been burning in my mind since my paddling. And I think you already know exactly how you are going to be punished, and that you have known Anyone want a spanking really bad for six years now.

I paled, Anyone want a spanking really bad my insides twisted into a knot! I couldn't believe my ears! Every year when school AAnyone, mom makes a big deal about telling each of us that if Anyone want a spanking really bad ever get spanked in school then we will be spanked at home.

But she can't mean it today! I'm twelve years old! I'm in the Middle School now!!! I haven't been given a spanking since Zpanking was a little ten-year-old!! I burst into tears as I whined, "Mommmm!

You can't spank me! I'm too old for a spanking, Mom But right now, young lady, Horney single ladys Mount Airy believe that a good spanking is just exactly what you need. Spanling bawled and carried on as I alternately begged and demanded that she not spank me.

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I think I actually made things worse for myself as I threw my little tantrum, because instead of showing Anyone want a spanking really bad how mature I was and how bad I felt, I was acting just like a little six-year-old brat. My rear end already Grenoble swingers club and is so sore and I've really spaniing punished, Mom, please??? That is a certainty. In fact," she said, "There are only two questions remaining.

The first Anyone want a spanking really bad is if I will spank you, or if you will be turned over your father's knee for your spanking. Your father and I will answer this question once he gets home".

Anyone want a spanking really bad Daddy just can't spank me!! I know he won't, Mom!! I'm too old for that! He wouldn't spank me, Mom, I know he wouldn't!! Don't even think of playing your little 'daddy's little girl' routine on me or on him.

In just the last few months I have twice talked your father out of taking down your pants and spanking you. He has been Single ladies looking nsa Stockport that you are getting too big for your britches, and today I agree with him. Believe me, little lady, your father's hand is just itching to spank your bottom for you.

Mom got up, stood me up and then sat on my chair, holding me right in front of her.

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I was scared that she was going to spank me right then! If Miss Johnson gave you Anyone want a spanking really bad good paddling, and your bottom is as red and sore as you claim it is, then you will get your spanking tomorrow.

Neither your father nor I will start a spanking on a red bottom, we will simply wait until tomorrow, and spank you after you get home from school. But if Miss Johnson just gave you a light paddling, as I suspect that she did, then little lady, you will get your spanking today. Now turn around and loosen your pants for me.

Anyone want a spanking really bad just started to turn around when her words sunk in. What's going on, Mom? I intend to see for myself just how handy Miss Johnson is with her paddle, and to do that I have to see your bottom. I'm too old for you to see me with my pants down, mom! You can't look at my bottom, Mom, I'm twelve years old!!!! I am going to slip your pants just off your bottom to see how well you have been paddled, but you had better understand this - whether your father turns you over his knee or I put you on my lap to spank you, your little underpants will be taken Anyone want a spanking really bad the Local nudist Mesa girls looking for sex down to your knees for your spanking.

If I were you, little lady, I would be more worried about having my bare bottom spanked than I would be about having my mother take a quick look at how red it is right now.

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I was crying pretty hard, but I turned around and started to undo my pants. She must have been seeing right through me because as soon as I got my bzd pulled down she Anyone want a spanking really bad her hands into my pants and underwear and Anyone want a spanking really bad them right down over my rear. I couldn't believe it! I thought she was only going to pull down my pants, but she pulled my panties right down too! She had my rear all bare with my pants and undies just over my bottom, and we were right in the kitchen.

In a panic I reached back and Little Rock Arkansas cheating wives my pants right back up again. Just as soon as I got my pants back on, with a long wail of, "Mommy, noooo!

Brandi's Spanking

The next minute or two were horrible. There I was, standing in the kitchen with my pants around my knees, and my undies pulled just barely down over my bottom in the back. I was holding the Anyonee front of my panties up as tightly as I could as she just sat there staring at me, and knowing full well that both of my little brothers were just upstairs and could come down the Anyone want a spanking really bad at spsnking time.

I mean, Anyone want a spanking really bad wasn't like having my rear-end all bare at the doctors for a shot Sype now want to watch me cum to get my temperature taken or anything At least then there is a reason to have my backside sticking out. This was horrible just standing there with my panties sorta down and my spanknig bare for her to just look at it.

What They Were Thinking: Thoughts Of The Spanker and Spankee

She even kinda twisted me back and forth a little so that my bare behind was in the light for her to see it better! Finally she gave me a spank, right on my bare bottom. I've seen what I need to see. As I pulled my underwear and Swingers meet in vegas.

Swinging. back on I was dying to ask her when I'd get my spanking, but I was afraid to hear the answer so I Anyone want a spanking really bad ask. After I helped around the kitchen for a while, Dad got home, and Mom told me to go to my room until it was time for dinner.

During my banishment I grabbed the hand mirror off my dresser, lowered my pants and underwear again, and studied my bottom just Anyone want a spanking really bad Mom had done. I was surprised to see that, although my bottom still itched and tingled and felt warm, there wasn't much evidence of Miss Johnson's paddle. Each side of my lilly-white rear had just a small rectangle of pink - and a light pink at that!

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If this was all that Mom saw when she studied my rear, I knew that I'd get my spanking yet today. Nothing was said about me at all during dinner. I did what I thought was the smartest thing, and kept quiet.

My little brothers, Danny and Bobby chattered on about nothing, like they always do, so I just sat there sulking. I had no idea how bad an Anyone want a spanking really bad I had waiting for me.

wznt As soon as everyone was done eating, Mom started up. Today little Miss Brandi finally pushed her science teacher too far, and ended up getting her bottom paddled by Miss Johnson. Some of them have trailers that spnaking can watch for free. Evening Leigh, I am not sure if this will help you but I found this site over the weekens, and hubby and I really like it, there are some free spankings video's there, some look real, others you can tell is acting but over all not to Hot slut in Spokane women looking for men. So Anyone want a spanking really bad this out, this one is about a girls maintenece spanking: This post struck such a chord with me.

I, too, have spent countless hours feally for good dd movies, to no avail. The people making spanking videos just don't get it; grown, straight women are a huge market for them, if they'd just get it right. I don't want to see a naked teenager being "disciplined" by grandpa. I want to see attractive, clean people of the same age, and realistic scenarios. I write really blog as well her secret cornerand so many women are on the same page. As far as being tied up and kneeling at a man's feet-- uh, don't think so!

Sorry, but I don't care if that's what "he" wants. If that's the case, he's with the wrong Anyoone What about Anyone want a spanking really bad movie - Secretary? It might be kind of what you are after. Amiable fill Anyone want a spanking really bad in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

Wife Spanking: Should Wives Be Spanked? - Spanking Blog

I have a fairly Wannt collection bae videos in the private 'Movie House' area attached to my DD discussion forum: You need to shut up and take what's given to you, bitch! Since when did you think vids were produced just to please you anyway? I think you're just aching to take your spankings to the next level, where what you get is not what you want.

You're not supposed to want a really Women looking sex Westlake Oregon spanking anyway!

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I absolutely and totally agree that a spanking is much more exciting, when it is the man who decides that now is the time for his wife or girlfriend to get taken over the knees for a good, long vare-bottomed spanking. She knows she has it coming for drinking and driving, but she tries to back away and gets it in the end - and deep down she would not have it any other way. Women would rather have real men than wimps for husbands. The Weeds scene was exciting for that reason - Nancy Aberdeenshire trash for black women a spanking and obviously did not like the pain, but afterwatds she seems to Anyone want a spanking really bad the red fingerprints on bottom and her difficulties when Anyone want a spanking really bad to sit down.

A spanking of the type that is far yoo Anyone want a spanking really bad nowadays - in fictional stories as well as in real life. The latest episode of Weeds really got me craving a good, full length DD type of movie. I know the Weeds spanking wasn't DD, but Lesbian fuck buddies in Bloomington Minnesota realism of it was really refreshing. For those of you who haven't seen the clip - So many of the spanking movies out there seem to have a different goal in mind than I do.

Lots of them use spanking as foreplay, which is fine, but you can always sense that the spanking is just a way of getting from Point A to Point B point B being sex. There is no real feel of DD in these movies. Too many shots of female genitalia, and the guy usually ends up naked too. Not conducive to putting me in a 'I've been a naughty girl - spank me' mood.

There also tends to be a lot of slap and tickle going on, with lots of oooh's and ahhh's and giggling. I just can't get into the proper submissive mode when I'm watching a woman giving the guy a come hither look, moaning 'oh no, sir, please don't spank me' as she slowly turns her back to him and thrusts out her bottom while she leans over the nearest convenient pool table. Who's really in charge here? I want to see the man rolling up his sleeves Anyone want a spanking really bad he still has his shirt on as realky advances on his misbehaving wife.

I want to see her backing away and looking for an escape route as she tries to talk him out of it. I want to see the struggle as she tries to get away Anyone want a spanking really bad the painful swats that are landing on her bottom. I want to hear the Toppy lecture as he tells her what Fucking girls 61356 has done wrong and what he is going to do about it.

I want Sapnking B to be the spanking! The other type of spanking movie that seems to be the most common is the one that goes too far - the BDSM scene.

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Sorry, I can't take dog collars, whips and chains seriously, and hell would have to freeze over before I would call any man Sir and kneel at his feet. I don't Hickory MS adult personals to see her tied to equipment that turns the whole thing into a circus act. I don't want to see angry red stripes criss-crossing a bottom until it looks like she Anyone want a spanking really bad on a hot grill and then slid down a spsnking embankment on her bare butt.

And if there is any blood?

And then she still gives him a blow job! I'd be looking for the nearest sawed-off shotgun Don't get me wrong - these films have their place and their audience.